Siblings who shot dog on video sentenced to community service at Humane Society, but Humane Society says there is no agreement

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STAPLES, Minn. — A brother and sister from Staples were recently sentenced for their involvement in shooting and killing a family dog and leaving it in a county park, while posting a video of the incident on social media in February.

The siblings Josiah W. Shegstad and Tayiah V. Shegstad were convicted separately for their roles in the incident. They both made an agreement to plead guilty to both counts of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and petty misdemeanor unlawful deposit of garbage, i.e. the dog.

Josiah, 20, was sentenced Monday, June 10, and will serve 90 days at the Wadena County Jail, pay a fine of $315 and will be on supervised probation for one year. He admitted to shooting the dog to put it down and laughing on video while his sister recorded the incident on her phone.

Tayiah, 18, was sentenced May 20, and will pay a $240 fine and be on supervised probation for six months.

Both will serve 240 hours of community service over six months. According to court records, Tayiah was to serve those hours at the Wadena County Humane Society, while Josiah was to serve in community service, it was mentioned that those hours would be at the humane society during the sentencing.


According to Wadena County Humane Society board member Traci Koopman, no agreement was ever made for either of the individuals to serve at the Humane Society. When the idea was brought to the board, all board members said no, Koopman said. "That's not going to happen," she added.

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