The moose that made a home at UND's Memorial Stadium was released back into the wild alive just before 9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3.

The moose was released near Grand Forks County. The UND Police thanked everyone for staying out of the way and also gave a shoutout to the Chahinkapa Zoo for its assistance and support.


A video tweeted from the UND Police Department shows the back of a trailer being opened and the moose walking out on its own into a field. UND Police Lt. Danny Weigel said workers from the zoo, based in Wahpeton, N.D., used a tranquilizer to put the moose to sleep so it could later be moved into a covered trailer.

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The moose was then transported out of Grand Forks and released in a field north of town.

The moose was in Memorial Stadium for more than 12 hours Tuesday and spent most of its time munching on grass, laying down and jogging around the stadium.

It first arrived on campus near the High Performance Center around 8 a.m. It was then contained in the stadium for the rest of the day.

Police waited until the evening to move the animal until there would be fewer onlookers and traffic would be reduced.

Weigel said, for the most part, people stayed away from Memorial Stadium on Tuesday, understanding that would help bring the best outcome for the animal.

Jim Job, outreach biologist with the North Dakota Department of Game and Fish, said, while it's not uncommon for moose to be spotted in the area, it is unusual for one to end up in the center of town.

This was the second odd animal encounter in the past 18 months in Grand Forks. In July 2018, a bear wandered into town, eventually setting up camp in a tree in University Park for about eight hours. The bear was later euthanized.