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Minot zoo celebrates arrival of two young camels from Fargo, Idaho

These two young camels, Priya and Sisco, recently arrived at Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot. Submitted photo

MINOT, N.D. -- They're names are Priya and Sisco and they're a year old this month. They're the two young camels who recently arrived at Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot.

The two young camels replace the zoo's two former camels who died last year.

Red River Zoo in Fargo announced the birth of a female Bactrian camel last spring. At the same time, it was announced the little one would be moving to Roosevelt Park Zoo when she was older.

Minot zoo visitors participated in a naming contest for the young camel and Priya has finally made her trip from Fargo to her Minot home.

The young male camel crossed his first birthday this week. Three Minot zoo team members drove to Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park in Idaho for a Valentine's Day pick up. Idaho Falls named the young camel Tauntaun after a similar-looking creature in the Star Wars series. He has an older sister named ZooBacca. At Roosevelt Park Zoo, a name was added to his name, now officially "Sisco-Tauntaun," combining his past and future. Sisco is now named after one of the zoo's most devoted volunteers, Rex Sisco of Minot, who helped to make the trip to bring the new camel home.

A Bactrian camel has two humps and the Dromedary camel, which hails from a desert climate, has one, according to zoo officials. The Minot zoo hosts Bactrian camels which are native to the steppes of Central Asia and have adaptations for the cold, drought and high-altitudes. Bactrian camels are critically endangered in the wild.