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More than 760 people from 14 area counties have died in service since 1941. Here's the Herald's list

These names represent military personnel from the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard and are categorized by county.

American flags grand forks memorial day.jpg
American flags are shown near veterans' graves during a Memorial Day ceremony in Grand Forks on May 31, 2021. (Korrie Wenzel/Grand Forks Herald)
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GRAND FORKS — The following is a list of enlisted men and officers from the immediate Grand Forks Herald coverage area that have died in battle, ranging from World War II through today.

All told, this list includes the names of more than 760 servicemembers from the region, including the counties of Cavalier, Grand Forks, Nelson, Pembina, Ramsey, Steele, Traill, Walsh, Kittson, Marshall, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake and Roseau.

These names represent military personnel from the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard and are categorized by county. When available, the Herald has included their rank and circumstance of death, including KIA (killed in action), DOW (died of wounds), DNB (died, non-battle) and FOD (finding of death, or assumed dead in the absence of a body).

These names were gleaned several years ago by the Herald, from various sources, including the National Archives.

North Dakota

Cavalier County


Army, Air Corps, Air Force

Sgt. Elroy Eugene Beier, Vietnam

S. Sgt. W.M. Christensen,KIA, WWII

PFC Leo M. Coye, DNB, WWII

S. Sgt. George M. Dunn, KIA, WWII

Tec 5 Edwin G. Erickson, DNB, WWII

1 Sgt. Ferdinand F. Framstad, WWII

2 Lt. Earnest L. Gray, KIA, WWII


2 Lt. Mayo L. Johnson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Clarence M. Keaveny, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Michael Kempel, KIA, WWII

PFC Clarence Klein, KIA, WWII

PFC Louis W. Kram, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Ernest S. Kruchten, KIA, WWII

PFC Anthony R. Michels, DOW, WWII

PFC Glenn W. Moors, DOW, WWII


Pvt. Marvin S. O’Connor, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Lloyd A. Ohlheiser, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Owen M. Otteson, DNB, WWII

PFC Orville R. Overby, KIA, WWII

PFC Elwood M. Patterson, KIA, WWII

Sgt. John R. Plummer, KIA, WWII

PFC John A. Ross, DOW, WWII

PFC George Rutz, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. F.M. Scheidermann, KIA, WWII

PFC Victor D. Schmiess, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Joseph S. Schneider, KIA, WWII

PFC Melvin H. Schuster, KIA, WWII

Aldrich A. Seeley, Staff Sergeant, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Donald E. Simons, FOD, WWII

Cpl. Earl A. Slaybaugh, KIA, WWII

PFC Richard Waslaski, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Lloyd J. Wedwick, KIA, WWII

PFC Vernon E. Westberg, KIA, WWII

Liaison Ofc. Edward G. Wild Jr., DNB, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Cpl. Edwin C. Borusky, WWII

Ensign James Bernard Boyd, WWII

Ensign Keith Edwin Ellis, WWII

Radioman 3C Leland David Klein, WWII

PFC James A. Krahn, WWII

Seaman 2C Verlin Bernard Summer, WWII

Grand Forks County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

1 Lt. John T. Ahlroth, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Jack W. Amsler, KIA, WWII

Capt. Thomas Earl Alderson, Vietnam

Pvt. Clifford W. Anderson, DNB, WWII

Cpl. Jack D. Arnold, DNB, WWII

S. Sgt. Herman O. Bang, DOW, WWII

Col. Richard L. Baughman, DNB, WWII

PFC John Anthony Berg, Vietnam

PFC Vernon O. Berg, DOW, WWII

1 Lt. Carl M. Berge, KIA, WWII

PFC Alvin E. Berger, KIA, WWII

PFC Lloyd Marvin Berger, Korea

PFC Edmund John Bergum, Korea

Tec 4 Rudy W. Bohn, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Melvin O. Bonlie, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Clifton B. Brickson, KIA, WWII

PFC Vernon Lloyd Brokke, Korea

PFC John H. Bustin, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Robert Butler, DNB, WWII

2 Lt. Wallace S. Butler Jr., Korea

2 Lt. Ralph T. Cameron, DNB, WWII

S. Sgt. Marvin T. Charlson, KIA, WWII

PFC Dale W. Coppens, KIA, WWII

PFC David James Corcoran, Vietnam

1 Lt. Walter L. Coulter, DNB, WWII

PFC Robert I. Cox, DNB, WWII

Maj. Clifton Emmet Cushman, Vietnam

Tec 4 Roy D. Dahl, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Joseph J. Deitz, DOW, WWII

M. Sgt. James K. Dionne, Korea

PFC Paul W. Dorsher, DNB, WWII

PFC Robert W. Dunlap, KIA, WWII

PFC Sheldon Eagle Hawk, Iraq

1 Lt. Robert M. Evans, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Ervin P. Evenson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Donald B. Fair, KIA, WWII

Pvt. James G. Fair, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Francis F. Feist, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Kenneth S. Foubert, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Robert J. Frauenholtz, KIA, WWII

PFC James Christian Freidt, Vietnam

PFC Robert Michael Fullmer, Vietnam

Pvt. Willys S. Gensrich, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Adolph C. Gerszewski, KIA, WWII

PFC Marvin B. Gross, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. Louis K. Haahr, KIA, WWII

PFC Darwyn L. Hagen, Korea

Pvt. Ronald Wayne Hagen, Korea

PFC Obert L. Halseth, DOW, WWII

1 Lt. George T. Hankey, DNB, WWII

2 Lt. Carl P. Haugen, DNB, WWII

1 Lt. Donn Herbert Haugen, Korea

Pvt. Orris M. Hayne, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. Hugh J. Hazlett, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Jerome P. Higgins, KIA, WWII

PFC Henry Holweger, DNB, WWII

PFC John H. Hooker, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Tellef C. Hoverson, KIA, WWII

Tec 5 Gordon M. Ihlen, DNB, WWII

Tec 5 Burnie W. Johnson, DNB, WWII

1 Lt. Floyd E. Johnson, DNB, WWII

PFC Michael L. Kennedy, Korea

S. Sgt. Orley E. Kjelgren, FOD, WWII

PFC Morrlyn Dwight Kranzler, Korea

Sgt. William Davis Kristjanson, Vietnam

PFC James A. Knutson, WWII

PFC Harold H. Kolding, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Lester A. Kubousek, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Mentz Larson, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Eugene Louis Lavoy Jr., Vietnam

1 Lt. Melvin Dennis Lembke, Vietnam

1 Lt. Allen L. Lindholm, DOW, WWII

PFC Telmer C. Lindquist, KIA, WWII

Lance Cpl. Gary Wayne Lindsay, Vietnam

2 Lt. Robert L. Lynch, DNB, WWII

PFC James H. Magoris, DOW, WWII

T. Sgt. Fredrick H. Maiers, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. John F. McGowan, M, WWII

Tec 5 Lloyd J.O. McClean, KIA, WWII

Liaison Ofc. James G. Melarvie, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Ernest E. Mellum, KIA, WWII

AV C Archie W. Montgomery, DNB, WWII

PFC Arthur A Morrison, KIA, WWII

Capt. Louis F. Murphy, DNB, WWII

PFC Gerald H. Moulton, DOW, WWII

Spec. 4 Eric Daryl Nadeau, Vietnam

PFC Carl W. Nelson, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Harold C. Newark, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Donald V. Nordquist, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Raymond J. O’Connell, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. James T. Olmstead, DNB, WWII

Capt. Jeffry Jon Olson, Persian Gulf

PFC Richard James Olson, Vietnam

Pvt. Waldo H. Onsager, DOW, WWII

Sgt. George B. Peterson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Richard E. Peterson, DNB, WWII

Capt. William Tod Potter, Vietnam

2 Lt. Robert Purvis, DNB, WWII

Lt. Bryce A. Ralston, FOD, WWII

S. Sgt. Thomas G. Root, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Leonard L. Rosenberg, KIA, WWII

PFC Robert E. Rupert, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. George D. Samson, DNB, WWII

S. Sgt. Julius A. Skavlan, KIA, WWII

Tec 4 Douglas O. Sollom, KIA, WWII

Otto D. Sorenson, AVC, DNB, WWII

Floyd Sponhem, AVC, DNB, WWII

Maj. Martin William Steen, Vietnam

Wrnt. Ofc. Robert Lee Storey, Vietnam

S. Sgt. Daniel H. Sullivan, KIA, WWII

PFC Jerry Susen, KIA, WWII

PFC Robert Edwin Swanson, Vietnam

PFC Oscar H. Swenson, DNB, WWII

1 Sgt. Donnelly O. Thompson, KIA, WWII

PFC Jasper H. Thompson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. William A. Thompson, FOD, WWII

Cpl. James E. Trepanier, Korea

Sgt. Richard Frank Triske, Vietnam

Pvt. Harold R. Van Hoof, DNB, WWII

Spec 4 Blythe Noel Vande Venter, Vietnam

1 Lt. Erling J. Varland, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Mardel D. Vornholt, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Walter W. Warnke, Korea

Tec 5 Stanley C. White, DNB, WWII

PFC Erwin P. Wilson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Jasper N. Wonser, KIA, WWII

Spec 4 Dennis Stanley Wosick, Vietnam

Sgt Travis A. Van Zoest, Afghanistan

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Fireman 2C Howard Taisey Anderson, WWII

Seaman 1C Mike Thomas Burckhard, WWII

Ordnanceman 2C Gordon J. Bye, WWII

Seaman 2C Paul O. Charboneau, WWII

Pvt. Leon D. Gordon, WWII

Seaman 2C James Andrew Guy, WWII

Machinist’s Mate 1C Robert B. Jenckes, WWII

Seaman 1C Maximilian Krenzel, WWII

Electrician’s Mate 1C Harris R. Larson, WWII

PFC William E. Lawrence, WWII

Maj. Quintus B. Nelson, WWII

Seaman 1C Raymond G. Porter, WWII

Apprentice Seaman Joseph R. Sherwood, WWII

Cpl. Wallace R. Smith, WWII

PFC Meryl D. Wick, WWII

Gunner’s Mate 3C Jerome A. Zespy, WWII

Nelson County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

S. Sgt. Jasper T. Aaser, KIA, WWII

PFC Mylo S. Aaser, Korea

2 Lt. Donald D. Bagne, KIA, WWII

PFC Bill F. Billings, KIA, WWII

PFC Lloyd E. Burns, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Alfred B. Byrne, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Marvin L. Dock, KIA, WWII

Tec 4 Irvin C. Ellingson, KIA, WWII

Seaman Michael Arthur Evenson, Vietnam

Tech 5 Karsten A. Fossum, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Obert Franklin, DOW, WWII

S. Sgt. George A. Gray, KIA, WWII

PFC Curtis G. Hagen, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Merlin D. Hanson, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Beryle H. Kjorvestad, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Edward N. Kniefel, KIA, WWII

PFC Ernest O. Kragtorp, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. Vernon A. Lindvig, Korea

Pvt. John O. Miller, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Russell D. Peterson, Korea

PFC William Robson, KIA, WWII

PFC Helmer O. Rude, FOD, WWII

1 Lt. Robert Joy Sime, Vietnam

PFC Edward H. Sommerfeld, Korea

Tec 5 Hamlin R. Stenson, DNB, WWII

Tec 5 Lloyd V. Syverson, KIA, WWII

PFC Manville Thorson, KIA, WWII

PFC Odin H. Tufto, KIA, WWII

PFC Stanley H. Zizka, KIA, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard 

Pvt. Christian John Domeier, WWII

Electrician’s Mate 3C Gustaf A. Moeller, WWII

Musician Warrren F. Nelson, WWII

Radioman Curtis Lyford Wright Jr., WWII

Pembina County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

PFC Alvin L. Bernhoft, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Lestel E. Bill, KIA, WWII

PFC Earl L. Boyer, KIA, WWII

PFC Leon H. Brillion, KIA, WWII

PVC Thomas F. Clark, DOW, WWII

Cpl. Lawrence Clover, Korea

Spec 4 Gerald Frank Coulthart, Vietnam

Sgt. George L. Daniels, KIA, WWII

PFC John H Einarson, KIA, WWII

Capt. Donald R. Emerson, KIA, WWII

PFC James W. Fritz, KIA, WWII

Cpl. George J. Gillies, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Peter Gunderson, Vietnam

T. Sgt. Harold E. Halldorson, DOW, WWII

2 Lt. Marvin H. Hjalmarson, KIA, WWII

PFC Francis S. Horgan, KIA, WWII

PFC William D. Johnson, Korea

Tec 4 George A. Kalis, KIA, WWII

T. Sgt. Loran R. Kargel, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Orville R. Kerkow, DNB, WWII

PFC David Lynn Kirkeby, Vietnam

PFC Ray S. Kreamer, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Gilbert P. Lafferty, Private, KIA, WWII

Pvt. David A. Latraille, Private, DNB, WWII

Tec 5 Edward J. Leibinger, DNB, WWII

PFC George Percy Martineau, Korea

Pvt. George W. McDonald, KIA, WWII

Tec 4 William F. Menke, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Einar Nelson, FOD, WWII

PFC William H. Nelson, KIA, WWII

PFC Clifford K. Nordby, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Stephan G. Olason, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Lester W. Puppe, KIA, WWII

PFC Millard E. Rasmussen, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Alton H. Reishus, DNB, WWII

S. Sgt. Stanley H. Restemayer, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Richard L. Rutherford, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Larus T. Snydal, FOD, WWII

Pvt. Walter J. Staskiveg, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Ed Steffan, DNB, WWII

Pvt. S. Steinolfson, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Leslie C. Thompson, Korea

PFC George Elwood Tongen, Vietnam

S. Sgt. Kristjan T. Vivatson, FOD, WWII

Capt. Edward Alec Werman, Vietnam

Pvt. Raymond A. Westling, KIA, WWII

PFC Mike J. Zelinski, KIA, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Apprentice Seaman Gamaliel T. Arason, WWII

Ordnanceman 3C Omer L. Beauchamp, WWII

Electrician's Mate 1C George A. Bell, WWII

Machinist’s Mate 3C Alcide E. Brillon, WWII

Storekeeper 2C Clarence A. Dunn, WWII

Ordnanceman 3C Earl Keith Elias, WWII

PFC Henry Gurke, WWII

Seaman 1C Howard Helgi Kukuk, WWII

Seaman 1C Harold Leroy Olson, WWII

PFC Norval Staples, WWII

Ramsey County

Army,  Air Corps, Air Force

PFC Arthur O. Anderson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Victor C. Anderson, DOW, WWII

PFC Milbert E. Burkle, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Alvin F. Callahan, DNB, WWII

2 Lt. Roy W. Christianson, KIA, WWII

PFC Robert E. Danielson, FOD, WWII

PFC James M. Egbert, KIA, WWII

PFC Nils Eidsness, KIA, WWII

PFC Emmett J. Erickson, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Ralph G. Evenson, DOW, WWII

PFC Richard E. Haugen, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Donald A. Hayes, DNB, WWII

2 Lt. Odin L. Ingulsrud, DNB, WWII

PFC Edward Joseph Jager, Korea

Pvt. James E. Jerpbak, Private, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Earl F. Jones, Private, DNB, WWII

Lnc. Cpl. Todd Anthony Kraft, Lebanon

2 Lt. Wellington E. Landis, KIA, WWII

Sgt. 1 Class Darren M. Linde, Afghanistan

Sgt. Philip J. Lohnes, FOD, WWII

2 Lt. Donald A. McDonald, KIA, WWII

PFC Russell D. Mikkelson, DNB, WWII

S. Sgt. Howard J. Miller, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Raymond J. Miller, KIA, WWII

PFC Robert B. Miner, KIA, WWII

Cpl. John R. Ogilvie, Korea

Sgt. Joseph M. Orr, Korea

S. Sgt. Clyde W. Parke, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Elton L. Pederson, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Roland E. Peterson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Severn W. Peterson, DNB, WWII

Pvt. William E. Reynolds, DOW, WWII

1 Lt. Harvey F. Rice, DNB, WWII

PFC Lawrence Rysavy, DOW, WWII

Cpl. Jeremiah S. Santos, Iraq

Pvt. Harlan O. Sauer, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. Wayburn W. Schossow, FOD, WWII

PFC Herbert H. Schwartz, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Melvin O. Skhal, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Robert D. Smith, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Eugene Van Steenvoort, Korea

S. Sgt. Hunter D. Watts, KIA, WWII

Cpl. John A. Wilkerson, Korea

S. Sgt. Steven L. Zabloudil, KIA, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Sgt. Elmer G. Berg, WWII

Machinist’s Mate 1C Carlyle J. Fuglie, WWII

Ensign Richard Ellis McClung, WWII

PFC John A. Murphy, WWII

Radioman 3C Raymond O. Peterson, WWII

Seaman 1C James Donald Schmid, WWII

2nd Carleton E. Simensen, WWII

Steele County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

S. Sgt. Sidney E. Ambroson, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Lloyd G. Amundson, DNB, WWII

PFC Dale Harlan Amundson, Vietnam

2 Lt. Conrad B. Brakke, DNB, WWII

PFC Jeroy Christianson, KIA, WWII

PFC Erling N. Dahl, DNB, WWII

PFC Donald R. Gingrey, KIA, WWII

PFC Harold M. Gullickson, KIA, WWII

Tec 5 Allen R. Gunkel, KIA, WWII

PFC Orvis A. Haugtvedt, Korea

T. Sgt. C.B. Hendrickson, KIA, WWII

PFC Adam G. Huschka, KIA, WWII

PFC Ernest A. Krause, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Robert C. Milks, KIA, WWII

PFC Lloyd R. Miller, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. Jenner C. Nelson, KIA, WWII

Tec 5 Bjarne C. Norgaard, DNB, WWII

1 Lt. Orville R. Olson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Irvin C. Skramstad, DNB, WWII

PFC Herbert F. Steinke, KIA, WWII

Maj. John Svenningsen, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Clarence B. Workman, KIA, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

PFC Glen Henry Johnson, WWII

Traill County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

PFC Alfred Anderson Jr., Korea

S. Sgt. Clarence O. Anderson, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Donald Wayne Arneson, Korea

Pvt. Melvin G. Besrud, DNB, WWII

PFC Theodore O. Bjertness, KIA, WWII

PFC Rueben O. Burud, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Laverne E. Clarke, FOD, WWII

Cpl. Myron J. Enger, Korea

S. Sgt. Loris M. Espeseth, DNB, WWII

1 Lt. Lyle C. Fenton, DOW, WWII

2 Lt. James J. Ford, KIA, WWII

PFC Palmer G. Foss, KIA, WWII

PFC Merlin J. Hagen, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Orlin K. Hagen, Korea

Cpl. Kenneth Hefta, Korea

Pvt. Glenn E. Hovet, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Oliver A. Indergaard, KIA, WWII

PFC Hennor Jeglum, DNB, WWII

PFC Wallace V. Johnson, KIA, WWII

PFC Delbert R. Kamphaug, Korea

Tec 4 Fernacd C. Kjos, DNB, WWII

1 Sgt. Virgil A. Lane, KIA, WWII

PFC Leonard I. Langager, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Anton M. Mastrud, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. Lloyd W. Mergenthal, FOD, WWII

Sgt. Lloyd I. Nelson, DOW, WWII

Capt. George R. Newgard, KIA, WWII

PFC Edward Norenberg, DNB, WWII

1 Lt. Kalmer Nyjordet, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Milnor S. Olson, DOW, WWII

Sgt. Albert J. Osmon, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Fred Beecher Sayre, Korea

Sgt. Vernal M. Skarison, DNB, WWII

2 Lt. George D. Smith, KIA, WWII

PFC Earl B. Sondreal, KIA, WWII

PFC Howard O. Thompson, DOW, WWII

2 lt. Nickolie J. Thompson, DNB, WWII

1 Lt. Tilman A. Thomson, KIA, WWII

PFC Olai Joseph Twenge, Korea

2 Lt. Carl E. Vettel, KIA, WWII

Tec 4 Harlem A. Waslien, KIA, WWII

PFC Carl B. Wasness, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Earl W. Weber, KIA, WWII

Lt. Col. Gordon James Wenaas, Vietnam

Pvt. Arthur S. Whitson, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Seaman 2C Hartvick LeRoy Anderson, WWII

Radioman 3C Jerome Warren Baglien, WWII

PFC Norris G. Gorder, WWII

Pvt. Leslie Gerard Hartley, WWII

Fireman 2C Ole Erwin Hegg, WWII

PFC Conrad E. Olson, WWII

Shipfitter 1C Everett I. Severinson, WWII

Walsh County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

PFC Seymour R. Adsem, Korea

T. Sgt. Emory J. Anderson, DOW, WWII

Tec 5 Vernon E. Anderson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Wesley H. Anderson,, KIA, WWII

Cpl. David Blow, DNB, WWII

Capt. Raymond J. Check, KIA, WWII

PFC Charles J. Cicha, KIA, WWII

Tec 4 Ernest G. Clemens, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Jack M Collette, KIA, WWII

PFC Robert J. Collins, KIA, WWII

Maj. Charles H. Colwell, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Richard H. Czapiewski, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. Charles E. Dahl, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Glenn D. Darr, FOD, WWII

Pvt. Joseph S. Dauksavage, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Eugene A. De Sautel, Korea

Sgt. Earl A. Fee, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Harry D. Dougherty, KIA, WWII

Leo H. Edwards, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Wallace R. Evenson, DOW, WWII

Sgt. Francis A. Fee, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Ervin J. Fuhrmann, KIA, WWII

PFC Wallace J. Gillespie, KIA, WWII

Pvt. George A. Gjersvold, DOW, WWII

2 Lt. Arvid J. Grasvik, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Harold J. Griffiths, DNB, WWII

PFC Glenn O. Hagen, KIA, WWII

PFC Mynor A. Hagen, KIA, WWII

PFC Alexander H. Hamilton, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Thomas S. Harkison, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Stanley M. Hellekson, DNB, WWII

Tec 5 Alvin J. Hilton, KIA, WWII

PFC Arnold J. Houdek, Korea

2 Lt. John V. Hultin, KIA, WWII

PFC Roman V. Janousek, DOW, WWII

PFC Lawrence J. Jenson, KIA, WWII

PFC Joseph A. Kachena, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Stanley J. Kosmatka, DOW, WWII

PFC Timothy E. Kotaska, DNB, WWII

S. Sgt. John G. Kowalski, FOD, WWII

PFC James J. Kubat, DNB, WWII

2 Lt. Edward J. LaBerge, DNB, WWII

Lt. Lawrence L. LaBerge, KIA, WWII

PFC Adelard L. LaCoste, KIA, WWII

Spec 4 David John Latraille, Vietnam

PFC Lawrence Lessard, KIA, WWII

PFC Frank C. Letzering, KIA, WWII

PFC Walter D. Lien, Korea

PFC Gordon L. Mathiason, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Glenn Midgarden, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Arne O. Moe, Korea

Pvt. Donald L. Monson, Korea

2 Lt. Rilie R. Morgan, KIA, WWII

PFC Ambrose P. Mozinski, DNB, WWII

PFC Francis J. Mozinski, DOW, WWII

PFC Leonard J. Oberg, KIA, WWII

Spec 4 Richard Wayne Orsund, Vietnam

PFC Ervin Ostenrude, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Luverne C. Prescott, Korea

1 Sgt. Clarence H. Roterud, DOW, WWII

S. Sgt. Owen K. Rotnem, KIA, WWII

PFC Rendolph Ryba, DNB, WWII

PFC Frank Rysavy, KIA, WWII

Tec 5 Arnold F. Solberg, KIA, WWII

PFC Clifford S. Speten, KIA, WWII

PFC Alfred R. Steen, KIA, WWII

T. Sgt. Glenn W. Steen, DNB, WWII

PFC Allen Gene Stenerson, Korea

Tec 5 Lloyd R. Stenerson, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Roger Lee Svir, Vietnam

2 Lt. Paul W. Twedten, KIA, WWII

PFC Clayton E. Verke, KIA, WWII

PFC Frank J. Vitek, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Albert F. Whitney, KIA, WWII

Capt. Adolph L. Winthers, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Elmer E. Wolford, DNB, WWII

PFC Clarion C. Wysocki, KIA, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Shipfitter 2C Frank Peter Bernard, WWII

Machinist’s Mate 2C Jhalmar M. Davidson, WWIIPharmacist’s Mate 2C Howard A. Dike, WWII

PFC John Raymond Kelner, WWII

Seaman 1C John William Hamilton, WWII

Storekeeper 2C Joe Schirard Fish, WWIIGunner’s Mate 3C Leo C. Foley, WWII

Seaman 2C Ambrose L. Kosmatka WWII

Seaman 1C Arthur F. Nappen, WWII

Asst. Cook Eugene P. Thompson, WWII

Sgt. Robert F. Wilson, WWII


Kittson County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

Gordon F. Anderson, DNB, WWII

PFC Robert David Bengtson, Vietnam

Pvt. Raynard O. Blomquist, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Elmer R. Clow, DOW, WWII

Sgt. Morris N. Emanuelson, KIA, WWII

Tech 5 David W. Erickson, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Arthur E. Gooselaw, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Jerome Gooselaw, DOW, WWII

S. Sgt. Peter L. Gunnerson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Frederic Hammstrom, DNB, WWII

Tech 5 Alvin Hjulstad, DNB, WWII

1 Lt. Lloyd O. Jensen, DNB, WWII

Tech 5 Clarence W. Johnson, DOW, WWII

CWO Richard Arthur Knutson, Vietnam

Tech 5 Bert Krogstad, KIA, WWII

PFC Frank M. Krusel, KIA, WWII

Tech Sgt. Edward W. Kushinski, KIA, WWII

PFC Melvin W. Martin, DNB, WWII

PFC Richard Dale McGovern, Vietnam

Tech 4 Allen V. Nowacki, DNB, WWII

Capt. Arlo L. Olson, KIA, WWII

Tech 4 Clifford L. Olson, KIA, WWII

PFC Earl W. Olson, DOW, WWII

PFC Vernon L. Pearson, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Philip O. Peterson, Korea

Sgt. Victor T. Przekwas, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Floyd A. Snare, DOW, WWII

1 Lt. John S. Stendal, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Monroe E. Swenson, KIA, WWII

Tech 4 Elmer Wirak, DOW, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

2c Jack David Bell, WWII

Petty Officer 3 Milo Steven Homstad, Vietnam

Seaman 2C Ralph Pershing Johnson, WWII

Gunner’s Mate 3C William L. Sugden, WWII

Machinist’s Mate 3C Gordon G. Westerberg, WWII

Fireman 1C Roy Peter Widstrand, WWII

Ensign William Murray Jr. (MIA), WWII

Marshall County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

Pvt. Laurence C. Beever, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Stanley E. Bergerson, Korea

Cpl. O’dell Conley Brenna, Korea

Spec 4 Kenneth Russell Dau, Vietnam

Pvt. Harlan C. Engelsrud, DOW, WWII

PFC Emil W. Erickson, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Lawrence F. Folden, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Leo Gerszewski, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Bertil Q. Gustafson, KIA, WWII

PFC Bernard A. Hageland, DNB, WWII

PFC Ambrose L. Hayes, DNB, WWII

PFC John A. Hess, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Herman I. Holmstrom, KIA, WWII

Spec 4 Mark Delane Holte, Vietnam

Cpl. Roger Allen Holte, Vietnam

Tech 4 Elmer Kittelson, DOW, WWII

Sgt. Vernon G. Knutson, Vietnam

PFC Walter T. Kostrzewski, KIA, WWII

PFC Albert R. Kroll, KIA, WWII

Spec 4 John Peter Kurz, Vietnam

Cpl. Ferdinand V. Kuznia, KIA, WWII

PFC Myers W. Larson, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Raymond E. Larson, KIA, WWII

PFC Floyd Lindstrom, Korea

Pvt. Leonard H. Luxemburg, KIA, WWII

PFC Cecil L. Magner, Korea

2 Lt. Robert E. Mendick, KIA, WWII

PFC Ole Myren, KIA, WWII

PFC Rubin L. Ness, KIA, WWII

SFC Norman E. Olson, Korea

Pvt. Ellsworth H. Onger, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Robert A. Palmer, FOD, WWII

Pvt. John E. Poolman, Korea

PFC Thomas John Price, Vietnam

PFC Fred J. Rasmussen, DNB, WWII

AVC James W. Rogers, DNB, WWII

PFC Clarence Rue, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Ernest P. Sczeny, DNB, WWII

PFC Harold M. Stavig, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Orville R. Strandberg, KIA, WWII

PFC Lynn Curtis Swanson, Vietnam

Tec 5 Hugo Talkkari, DNB, WWII

Pvt. William Wosick, DNB, WWII

PFC Omer A. Young, KIA, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Radioman 3C Cameron D. Edgar, WWII

Cpl. Charles R. Edgar, WWII

Seaman 1C Bernard J. Jacobson, WWII

Seaman 2C Raymond Harold Jelle, WWII

Machinist Mate 2C Thomas Shirley Knutson, WWII

Gunner’s Mate 1C Emil J. Rogalla, WWII

Seaman 2C Donald Wilfred Vanek, WWII

Pennington County

Army, Army Air Corps, Air Force

PFC Omer P. Anderson, DNB, WWII

S. Sgt. Eric A. Antonson, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Robert Dean Besch, Vietnam

S. Sgt. H. A. Christopherson, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. William A. Deverell, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Lawrence H. Dietz, KIA, WWII

PFC John J. Efteland, DNB, WWII

Spec 4 Eddie Lee Evenson, Vietnam

2 Lt. Lyle F. Green, DNB, WWII

Tec 4 Marvin A. Hammer, DNB, WWII

2 Lt. John W. Hess, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Lynn Gregory Hiebert, Vietnam

Sgt. Kenneth W. Holmstrom, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Lloyd H. Iverson, KIA, WWII

Tec 5 John J. Jagol, KIA, WWII

PFC Steve E. Jagol, DOI, WWII

PFC Carl A. Johnson, DNB, WWII

T. Sgt. Stanley E. Johnson, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Nicholas Pierre Lannoye, Vietnam

Pvt. Stanley Levine, DNB, WWII

S. Sgt. Mark C. Levorson, KIA, WWII

PFC Leonard T. Lian, KIA, WWII

SFC Leroy Clayton Martinson, Vietnam

Tec 5 Verson E Mosbeck, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt Maurice E. Nelson, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Miloy J. Nelson, DOW, WWII

PFC Chester I. Olson, KIA, WWII

T. Sgt. Owen A. Olson, FOD, WWII

Sgt. Arthur Ona, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Alexander P. Oski, KIA, WWII

PFC Glenn A. Ranum, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Stanley A. Roese, DNB, WWII

PFC Leonard Sanders, KIA, WWII

PFC Sam K. Sevre, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Arnold B. Stene, KIA, WII

Sgt. Millard E. Stigen, DNB, WWII

Cpl. James Norman Sund, Korea

Pvt. Roy Lloyd Sunsdahl, Korea

Spec 4 Robert John Swedenburg, Vietnam

S. Sgt. Clifford L. Trochmann, DNB, WWII

1 Lt. Vernon O. Wedul, FOD, WWII

Cpl. Myles Dalen Westman, Vietnam

T. Sgt. Harold E. Winjum, FOD, WWII

Pvt. Wallace L. Wold, Korea

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Pvt. Lloyd J. Amiot, WWII

PFC Donald R. Amundson, WWII

Cpl. Robert Edward Cullen, Korea

Electricians Mate 3C Delmer Loyd Hovie, WWII

Seaman 1C Harry Roy Just, WWII

Chief Yeoman Harry F. Robinson, WWII

Polk County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

Tec 5 Richard F. Ahner, DNB, WWII

Harold Lowell Algaard, Vietnam

Fl Andrew Anderson, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Armand E. Anderson, KIA, WWII

Capt. Dennis Anderson, Vietnam

Cpl. Emil A. Anderson, DNB, WWII

PFC Lyman H. Arionus, Korea

Pvt. Bernard L. Barholz, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Lawrence E. Beck, DNB, WWII

PFC Billy Berry, Korea

PFC Galen Birkeland, Korea

2 Lt. Paul Blevin, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Edmund I Bolstad, KIA, WWII

PFC Donald Brooks, Korea

PRC Chester R. Brown, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Alvin C. Burman, KIA, Korea

1 Lt. Warren J. Capistran, DOW, WWII

Cpl. Ronald J. Carey, KIA, WWII

PFC Lewis H. Chester, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Adrian J. Coulter, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. George H. Dickinson, Korea

Capt. Walter E. Downs Jr., KIA, WWII

PFC Howard L. Dreyer, Korea

PFC John Fisher, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Dean O. Frisk, DNB, WWII

PFC Robert D. Frisk, Korea

Sgt. Lawrence L. Genereau, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. John E. Glasrud, DNB, WWII

PFC Kenneth G. Grandstad, DNB, WWII

Cpl. Delmer L. Green, DNB, WWII

Cpl. Raymond F. Gruhot, Korea

Sgt. Ervin W. Gunvalson, KIA, WWII

PFC Marvin I. Hanson, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Matthew A. Harmon, KIA, Afghanistan

1 Lt. Raymond E. Harney, KIA, WWII

PFC Charles W. Hartman, Korea

Pvt. Hilbert G. Haugan, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Alf W. Hirsch, DNB, WWII

SPC James Jay Holmes, Iraqi Freedom

PFC John I. Hoven, Korea

Cpl. Kenneth Jerome Honek, Vietnam

PFC Emerson P. Huff, Korea

PFC Miles N. Hultberg, Korea

1 Lt. James C. Hunt, DNB, WWII

2 Lt. Milan L. Jasper, DNB, WWII

Sgt. Albert Johnson, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Paul S. Johnson, KIA, WWII

PFC Robert Johnson, Korea

PFC Walter H. Johnson, KIA, WWII

PFC Louis Klopp, KIA, WWII

PFC Emanuel I. Kohn, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Henry L. Kroll, DOW, WWII

PFC Albert E. Kuzel, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Aldus L. Larson, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Selmer I. Larson, DOW, WWII

Pvt. Arnold T. Lee, Korea

2 Lt. George C. Lemen, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Garfield Lundeen, KIA, WWII

Cpl. Virgil E. Lundy, Korea

Pvt. Jerry E. Mills, Korea

WO Stephen Lyle Tronerud, Vietnam

PFC Richard James Vonasek, Vietnam

Cpl. Walter L. Zopf, Korea

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

PFC Leo V. Beaulieu, Vietnam

2C Maurice Joseph Brule, WWII

1c Russell Norman Hagen, WWII

1c Kermit Orlando Haltli, WWII

Cpl. Alan Morris Hanson, Vietnam

SN Curtis Lynn Hendrickson, Vietnam

SN Gordon Eugene Johnson, Korea

Radioman 3C Sherley R. Sampson, WWII

Pvt. Orville DeForest Sorenson, WWII

Radioman 3C Ellwin Albert Teal, WWII

1 Lt. Joseph H. Widseth, WWII

Red Lake County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

S. Sgt. Conrad A. Berg, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Henry V. Berg, KIA, WWII

Spec 5 Roger Jerome Bernier, Vietnam

PFC Enthyeme J. Brunelle, KIA, WWII

PFC James A. Carl, Korea

PFC Joseph DeHaan, Korea

2 Lt. Vernon R. Groom, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Bernard G. Kees, KIA, WWII

PFC Carl A. Kopischke, KIA, WWII

PFC Mark Warren Longtin, Vietnam

S. Sgt Willard R. Malwitz, FOD, WWII

Sgt. Henry Nelson, KIA, WWII

PFC Morlan L. Priebe, DNB, WWII

PFC Llewelyn E. Pugh, FOD, WWII

Pvt. Wilfred W. Rewertz, DNB, WWII

2 Lt. Roy E. Richards, FOD, WWII

Sgt. Corey Johnson Rystad, Iraqi Freedom

PFC John J. Satak, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Raymond Sauve, KIA, WWII

1 Lt. William H. Shetterly, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Ernest Allan Spong, Vietnam

Sgt. Leonard M. St. Michael, KIA, WWII

PFC Paul P. Stahl, DOW, WWII

PFC Delbert Sumpter, Korea

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

Petty Officer 3 Francis Arthur Benoit, Vietnam

Gunner’s Mate 1C Lester H. Norby, WWII

Watertender 3C Gustof A. Wickstrom, WWII

Roseau County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

Cpl. Harry R. Anderson, M, WWII

Pvt. Wyoming C. Beadle, KIA, WWII

PFC Melvin G. Brastad, KIA, WWII

PFC Jacob J. Eckert, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Melville J. Edelbrock, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Theodore T. Eeg, DOW, WWII

PFC Herbert L. Erickson, Korea

PFC Fred Keith Fish, Vietnam

S. Sgt. Chester A. Haag, KIA, WWII

PFC Edwin J. Haagenson, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Kenneth N. Halsor, Korea

Pvt. Lloyd L. Hanson, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Robert E. Harms, KIA, WWII

PFC Herbert C. Hecker, KIA, WWII

Tec 5 Stuart L. Hielscher, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Jay D. Holcomb, KIA, WWII

Cpl. John O. Hugg, Korea

Pvt. Lester E. Keeney, DOW, WWII

1 Lt. Fred B. Klessig, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Arthur I. Kolberg, KIA, WWII

PFC Melvin J. Magnussen, KIA, WWII

2 Lt. Carl S. Melistrom, DNB, WWII

Pvt. Victor J. Mellas, KIA, WWII

Sgt. Other J. Olson, DNB, WWII

PFC George A. Paloranta, KIA, WWII

PFC Joseph R. Praska, KIA, WWII

Pvt. Dale R. Rostad, KIA, WWII

PFC Milton L. Rugland, KIA, WWII

S. Sgt. Brian E. Studer, Afghanistan

Spec 4 Ervind Carl Strandberg, Vietnam

Sgt. Adolph Zimek, KIA, WWII

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

2C Wesley Everett Battles, WWII

2C Dale Velmore Brewster, WWII

Pvt. Leonard C. Groven, WWII

2 Lt. George N. Norlin, WWII

Chief Machinist’s Mate Palmer O. Soderlund, WWII

Cpl. Overby John Stoskopf, WWII

Radioman 2C Melford E. Bendikson (MIA), WWII

Metalsmith 1C Norman L. Lewis, WWII

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