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Glad you asked: Who's in charge of cleaning Grand Forks' bus stops and bike trails?

Cities Area Transit has a part-time position that checks and cleans the transit service's bus stops, but the position hasn't been filled since August.

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Q: I saw the bus shelter on 32nd, near Walmart, and it's full of garbage. Also, near the LaGrave housing near downtown, near the bike path there, there are broken bottles and other refuse. Who's in charge of cleaning up this trash? And does the city make regular checks of places like the bus stops to ensure they're clean?

Cities Area Transit transit budgets for a part-time worker to clean public bus stops, but the position has been empty since Aug. 1, according to Dale Bergman, who runs the transit service.

“CAT” staff cleaned the stop on Friday, Nov. 5, after hearing about it from the Grand Forks mayor’s office that morning, Bergman said. He and other administrators have asked city bus drivers to make a note of bus stops that need cleaning. It’s one of about four shelters in the city where people regularly drink, sleep, and leave garbage, Bergman said.

The bike path near LaGrave is part of the Greenway, a system of parks and trails managed jointly by Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, the Grand Forks Park District and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Grand Forks Public Works staff check bike paths for trash about once a month, according to Kim Greendahl, the city's Greenway specialist, but they don’t have a staff position assigned to it the way Cities Area Transit does with its bus stops.

Greenway staff also perform regular maintenance on bike trails each spring and fall. Beyond that, trash is the responsibility of adjacent property owners, Greendahl said.


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