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Here are the names of more than 200 local residents who died in service since 1941

A Herald study gathered the names of those from the region who have died in service to their country since the start of World War II. In Polk and Grand Forks counties alone, there are more than 200.

Grand Forks American Legion Memorial Day 2021.jpg
The color guard stands before attendees at the Grand Forks American Legion's annual Memorial Day ceremony Monday, May 31, 2021. (Korrie Wenzel/Grand Forks Herald)
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GRAND FORKS — At a 2021 Memorial Day service in East Grand Forks, American Legion member Jack Chatt described the great sacrifices that have been made by so many in the armed forces.

“We pause to remember this Memorial Day the men and women of our armed forces who have served this country at home and abroad during these many years of our nation's independence. It is a great and sacred trust that brings us together this day," Chatt said during the benediction. "We pray for all veterans, those in good health and those wounded still in hospitals around the world, fighting to regain their health. All of these veterans are America's first and finest citizens because they have proven it. We commend to your heavenly father those who have left us a priceless heritage which serves as part of the life and freedom we now enjoy."

It’s a refrain that likely will be heard in Greater Grand Forks – and throughout the region – on Monday, when the nation will somberly mark Memorial Day.

In Greater Grand Forks, there many heroes to remember. A study several years ago by the Grand Forks Herald showed that more than 200 residents of Polk counties have died since the start of World War II in service to the nation’s military.

A Grand Forks Herald database, a project that began in 2017, shows at least 75 men from Polk County and at least 140 from Grand Forks County have been lost in service. Records prior to World War II are more difficult to accurately ascertain, so the project was limited only to deaths that occurred since the opening salvos of the Second World War.


Following is the Herald’s list of fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. When available, the Herald has included their rank and circumstance of death, including KIA (killed in action), DOW (died of wounds), DNB (died, non-battle) and FOD (finding of death, or assumed dead in the absence of a body).

A full list that includes the names of more than 760 servicemembers from 14 Grand Forks-area counties can be found on the Herald's website. To search for it, type: More than 760 people from 14 area counties have died in service since 1941. Here's the Herald's list.

These names were gleaned from various sources, including the National Archives.

Grand Forks County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

● 1 Lt. John T. Ahlroth, DNB, WWII

● Pvt. Jack W. Amsler, KIA, WWII

● Capt. Thomas Earl Alderson, Vietnam

● Pvt. Clifford W. Anderson, DNB, WWII


● Cpl. Jack D. Arnold, DNB, WWII

● S. Sgt. Herman O. Bang, DOW, WWII

● Col. Richard L. Baughman, DNB, WWII

● PFC John Anthony Berg, Vietnam

● PFC Vernon O. Berg, DOW, WWII

● 1 Lt. Carl M. Berge, KIA, WWII

● PFC Alvin E. Berger, KIA, WWII

● PFC Lloyd Marvin Berger, Korea


● PFC Edmund John Bergum, Korea

● Tec 4 Rudy W. Bohn, DOW, WWII

● Pvt. Melvin O. Bonlie, DOW, WWII

● Pvt. Clifton B. Brickson, KIA, WWII

● PFC Vernon Lloyd Brokke, Korea

● PFC John H. Bustin, DNB, WWII

● Sgt. Robert Butler, DNB, WWII

● 2 Lt. Wallace S. Butler Jr., Korea

● 2 Lt. Ralph T. Cameron, DNB, WWII

● S. Sgt. Marvin T. Charlson, KIA, WWII

● PFC Dale W. Coppens, KIA, WWII

● PFC David James Corcoran, Vietnam

● 1 Lt. Walter L. Coulter, DNB, WWII

● PFC Robert I. Cox, DNB, WWII

● Maj. Clifton Emmet Cushman, Vietnam

● Tec 4 Roy D. Dahl, DOW, WWII

● Pvt. Joseph J. Deitz, DOW, WWII

● M. Sgt. James K. Dionne, Korea

● PFC Paul W. Dorsher, DNB, WWII

● PFC Robert W. Dunlap, KIA, WWII

● PFC Sheldon Eagle Hawk, Iraq

● 1 Lt. Robert M. Evans, DNB, WWII

● Sgt. Ervin P. Evenson, KIA, WWII

● S. Sgt. Donald B. Fair, KIA, WWII

● Pvt. James G. Fair, KIA, WWII

● Pvt. Francis F. Feist, KIA, WWII

● Cpl. Kenneth S. Foubert, KIA, WWII

● S. Sgt. Robert J. Frauenholtz, KIA, WWII

● PFC James Christian Freidt, Vietnam

● PFC Robert Michael Fullmer, Vietnam

● Pvt. Willys S. Gensrich, KIA, WWII

● Sgt. Adolph C. Gerszewski, KIA, WWII

● PFC Marvin B. Gross, KIA, WWII

● 1 Lt. Louis K. Haahr, KIA, WWII

● PFC Darwyn L. Hagen, Korea

● Pvt. Ronald Wayne Hagen, Korea

● PFC Obert L. Halseth, DOW, WWII

● 1 Lt. George T. Hankey, DNB, WWII

● 2 Lt. Carl P. Haugen, DNB, WWII

● 1 Lt. Donn Herbert Haugen, Korea

● Pvt. Orris M. Hayne, KIA, WWII

● 1 Lt. Hugh J. Hazlett, KIA, WWII

● Pvt. Jerome P. Higgins, KIA, WWII

● PFC Henry Holweger, DNB, WWII

● PFC John H. Hooker, KIA, WWII

● Sgt. Tellef C. Hoverson, KIA, WWII

● Tec 5 Gordon M. Ihlen, DNB, WWII

● Tec 5 Burnie W. Johnson, DNB, WWII

● 1 Lt. Floyd E. Johnson, DNB, WWII

● PFC Michael L. Kennedy, Korea

● S. Sgt. Orley E. Kjelgren, FOD, WWII

● PFC Morrlyn Dwight Kranzler, Korea

● Sgt. William Davis Kristjanson, Vietnam

● PFC James A. Knutson, WWII

● PFC Harold H. Kolding, DNB, WWII

● Pvt. Lester A. Kubousek, KIA, WWII

● Pvt. Mentz Larson, DOW, WWII

● Pvt. Eugene Louis Lavoy Jr., Vietnam

● 1 Lt. Melvin Dennis Lembke, Vietnam

● 1 Lt. Allen L. Lindholm, DOW, WWII

● PFC Telmer C. Lindquist, KIA, WWII

● Lance Cpl. Gary Wayne Lindsay, Vietnam

● 2 Lt. Robert L. Lynch, DNB, WWII

● PFC James H. Magoris, DOW, WWII

● T. Sgt. Fredrick H. Maiers, KIA, WWII

● 1 Lt. John F. McGowan, M, WWII

● Tec 5 Lloyd J.O. McClean, KIA, WWII

● Liaison Ofc. James G. Melarvie, DNB, WWII

● Pvt. Ernest E. Mellum, KIA, WWII

● AV C Archie W. Montgomery, DNB, WWII

● PFC Arthur A Morrison, KIA, WWII

● Capt. Louis F. Murphy, DNB, WWII

● PFC Gerald H. Moulton, DOW, WWII

● Spec. 4 Eric Daryl Nadeau, Vietnam

● PFC Carl W. Nelson, DNB, WWII

● Sgt. Harold C. Newark, KIA, WWII

● Pvt. Donald V. Nordquist, KIA, WWII

● Cpl. Raymond J. O’Connell, KIA, WWII

● 1 Lt. James T. Olmstead, DNB, WWII

● Capt. Jeffry Jon Olson, Persian Gulf

● PFC Richard James Olson, Vietnam

● Pvt. Waldo H. Onsager, DOW, WWII

● Sgt. George B. Peterson, KIA, WWII

● S. Sgt. Richard E. Peterson, DNB, WWII

● Capt. William Tod Potter, Vietnam

● 2 Lt. Robert Purvis, DNB, WWII

● Lt. Bryce A. Ralston, FOD, WWII

● S. Sgt. Thomas G. Root, KIA, WWII

● S. Sgt. Leonard L. Rosenberg, KIA, WWII

● PFC Robert E. Rupert, KIA, WWII

● S. Sgt. George D. Samson, DNB, WWII

● S. Sgt. Julius A. Skavlan, KIA, WWII

● Tec 4 Douglas O. Sollom, KIA, WWII

● Otto D. Sorenson, AVC, DNB, WWII

● Floyd Sponhem, AVC, DNB, WWII

● Maj. Martin William Steen, Vietnam

● Wrnt. Ofc. Robert Lee Storey, Vietnam

● S. Sgt. Daniel H. Sullivan, KIA, WWII

● PFC Jerry Susen, KIA, WWII

● PFC Robert Edwin Swanson, Vietnam

● PFC Oscar H. Swenson, DNB, WWII

● 1 Sgt. Donnelly O. Thompson, KIA, WWII

● PFC Jasper H. Thompson, KIA, WWII

● S. Sgt. William A. Thompson, FOD, WWII

● Cpl. James E. Trepanier, Korea

● Sgt. Richard Frank Triske, Vietnam

● Pvt. Harold R. Van Hoof, DNB, WWII

● Spec 4 Blythe Noel Vande Venter, Vietnam

● 1 Lt. Erling J. Varland, KIA, WWII

● Pvt. Mardel D. Vornholt, KIA, WWII

● Cpl. Walter W. Warnke, Korea

● Tec 5 Stanley C. White, DNB, WWII

● PFC Erwin P. Wilson, KIA, WWII

● S. Sgt. Jasper N. Wonser, KIA, WWII

● Spec 4 Dennis Stanley Wosick, Vietnam

● Sgt Travis A. Van Zoest, Afghanistan

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

● Fireman 2C Howard Taisey Anderson, WWII

● Seaman 1C Mike Thomas Burckhard, WWII

● Ordnanceman 2C Gordon J. Bye, WWII

● Seaman 2C Paul O. Charboneau, WWII

● Pvt. Leon D. Gordon, WWII

● Seaman 2C James Andrew Guy, WWII

● Machinist’s Mate 1C Robert B. Jenckes, WWII

● Seaman 1C Maximilian Krenzel, WWII

● Electrician’s Mate 1C Harris R. Larson, WWII

● PFC William E. Lawrence, WWII

● Maj. Quintus B. Nelson, WWII

● Seaman 1C Raymond G. Porter, WWII

● Apprentice Seaman Joseph R. Sherwood, WWII

● Cpl. Wallace R. Smith, WWII

● PFC Meryl D. Wick, WWII

● Gunner’s Mate 3C Jerome A. Zespy, WWII

Polk County

Army, Air Corps, Air Force

● Tec 5 Richard F. Ahner, DNB, WWII

● Harold Lowell Algaard, Vietnam

● Fl Andrew Anderson, DNB, WWII

● Sgt. Armand E. Anderson, KIA, WWII

● Capt. Dennis Anderson, Vietnam

● Cpl. Emil A. Anderson, DNB, WWII

● PFC Lyman H. Arionus, Korea

● Pvt. Bernard L. Barholz, KIA, WWII

● 2 Lt. Lawrence E. Beck, DNB, WWII

● PFC Billy Berry, Korea

● PFC Galen Birkeland, Korea

● 2 Lt. Paul Blevin, KIA, WWII

● 2 Lt. Edmund I Bolstad, KIA, WWII

● PFC Donald Brooks, Korea

● PRC Chester R. Brown, KIA, WWII

● Cpl. Alvin C. Burman, KIA, Korea

● 1 Lt. Warren J. Capistran, DOW, WWII

● Cpl. Ronald J. Carey, KIA, WWII

● PFC Lewis H. Chester, DOW, WWII

● Pvt. Adrian J. Coulter, KIA, WWII

● 1 Lt. George H. Dickinson, Korea

● Capt. Walter E. Downs Jr., KIA, WWII

● PFC Howard L. Dreyer, Korea

● PFC John Fisher, DNB, WWII

● Pvt. Dean O. Frisk, DNB, WWII

● PFC Robert D. Frisk, Korea

● Sgt. Lawrence L. Genereau, KIA, WWII

● 2 Lt. John E. Glasrud, DNB, WWII

● PFC Kenneth G. Grandstad, DNB, WWII

● Cpl. Delmer L. Green, DNB, WWII

● Cpl. Raymond F. Gruhot, Korea

● Sgt. Ervin W. Gunvalson, KIA, WWII

● PFC Marvin I. Hanson, KIA, WWII

● Sgt. Matthew A. Harmon, KIA, Afghanistan

● 1 Lt. Raymond E. Harney, KIA, WWII

● PFC Charles W. Hartman, Korea

● Pvt. Hilbert G. Haugan, DNB, WWII

● Pvt. Alf W. Hirsch, DNB, WWII

● SPC James Jay Holmes, Iraqi Freedom

● PFC John I. Hoven, Korea

● Cpl. Kenneth Jerome Honek, Vietnam

● PFC Emerson P. Huff, Korea

● PFC Miles N. Hultberg, Korea

● 1 Lt. James C. Hunt, DNB, WWII

● 2 Lt. Milan L. Jasper, DNB, WWII

● Sgt. Albert Johnson, KIA, WWII

● Sgt. Paul S. Johnson, KIA, WWII

● PFC Robert Johnson, Korea

● PFC Walter H. Johnson, KIA, WWII

● PFC Louis Klopp, KIA, WWII

● PFC Emanuel I. Kohn, KIA, WWII

● Pvt. Henry L. Kroll, DOW, WWII

● PFC Albert E. Kuzel, KIA, WWII

● Pvt. Aldus L. Larson, KIA, WWII

● S. Sgt. Selmer I. Larson, DOW, WWII

● Pvt. Arnold T. Lee, Korea

● 2 Lt. George C. Lemen, KIA, WWII

● Pvt. Garfield Lundeen, KIA, WWII

● Cpl. Virgil E. Lundy, Korea

● Pvt. Jerry E. Mills, Korea

● WO Stephen Lyle Tronerud, Vietnam

● PFC Richard James Vonasek, Vietnam

● Cpl. Walter L. Zopf, Korea

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

● PFC Leo V. Beaulieu, Vietnam

● 2C Maurice Joseph Brule, WWII

● 1c Russell Norman Hagen, WWII

● 1c Kermit Orlando Haltli, WWII

● Cpl. Alan Morris Hanson, Vietnam

● SN Curtis Lynn Hendrickson, Vietnam

● SN Gordon Eugene Johnson, Korea

● Radioman 3C Sherley R. Sampson, WWII

● Pvt. Orville DeForest Sorenson, WWII

● Radioman 3C Ellwin Albert Teal, WWII

● 1 Lt. Joseph H. Widseth, WWII

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