Lake Superior dropped nearly 4 inches in January

The big lake now sits 8 inches below the Feb. 1 level from last year.

Ice covers rocks in Lake Superior just off of Wisconsin Point Thursday, Jan. 7. Researchers say ice cover on Lake Superior is declining faster than the Great Lakes overall. (Jed Carlson / File /

DULUTH -- Lake Superior continued to fall away from record high water levels in January, dropping nearly 4 inches over the month, thanks in part to below-normal snowfall.

The big lake usually drops about 2.8 inches in January, according to the International Lake Superior Board of Control.

Lake Superior sat 7.1 inches above normal for Feb. 1, but is 8 inches below the Feb. 1, 2020, level โ€” good news for lakeshore property owners hit hard by erosion during the recent high-water trend.

Lakes Michigan and Huron dropped 4.2 inches in January, far more than their usual 0.8-inch decline. The lakes now sit 11 inches below the Feb. 1, 2020, level, but are still 27.6 inches above normal for this time of year.

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