Q: What are all the things (antennas?) attached to the water tower at Cox Park, along 24th Avenue South in Grand Forks? Do those belong to the city, and if so, what do they do? If they don't belong to the city, what kind of rent does the city collect on them and other towers in town?

A: Those are cell phone antennas. Grand Forks leases space on the tower and other public buildings to telecom companies.

Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T pay the city $3,736.86 per month between them to put their equipment on the tower. Sprint and AT&T’s leases expire in the early 2050s and T-Mobile’s expires in 2028.

The city also leases spots for Verizon antennas at its Public Safety Center in an industrial park on the western edge of town and at the Alerus Center. Those leases expire in 2035 and 2024, respectively, and the telecom giant pays a combined $2,250 for them.

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