Q: This is regarding storing an RV in our driveway in the city of Grand Forks. I’ve seen several parked in driveways and right in the yard. We have kept ours at a storage space and most weekends have to haul it home and get things turned on and ready. We are putting in a new driveway soon and hoping to store our camper in our driveway. Is this legal to do in Grand Forks?

The search for this answer ended at the Grand Forks Public Health Department, which has an interest in long-term storage in the city since items stored over periods of time can be unsightly or attract vermin.

According to Javin Bedard, environmental health manager for Grand Forks Public Health, there are specific rules about parking on yards.

"Parking on front yards must be on hard-surfaced areas and not exceed 40% of the front yard area," he wrote to the Herald in response to the question. "Rear yard parking is limited to not more than three vehicles/trailers being stored, not to exceed 40% of the rear yard area used for parking or storage."

As for parking an RV in a driveway, the Public Health Department says yes, it is allowed in a front driveway, as long as it is on the property, not the berm or across a city sidewalk. And on corner properties, the department urges residents to "watch for visibility on corners for traffic."

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