The North Dakota House passed a bill Tuesday prohibiting people from flying drones over private property in a way that violates privacy.

House Bill 1493, from Rep. Luke Simons, R-Dickinson, will move on to the state Senate for consideration after members of the House voted 49-44 to move the bill forward.

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Simons' proposal will make it a Class B misdemeanor for anyone to intentionally violate another person's privacy using unmanned aerial systems like drones.

Intruding and interfering with someone's privacy without a drone-in person or with another device-already is a Class B misdemeanor, according to the North Dakota Century code.

Relating to drones, the bill specifically prohibits using drones on private property to take images, video or audio of trespassed individuals without their consent, "in a manner that would invade the individual's reasonable expectation of privacy, including capturing or recording through a window," the bill said.

It also prohibits using a drone to contact another individual on private property without that individual's consent.

The bill received a "Do Pass" recommendation from the House Judiciary Committee on a 9-2 vote, with three members not voting, after Simons agreed to make some amendments to his proposal.

His previous bill would've made it a Class A misdemeanor to use drones for harassment, violating a sexual assault restraining order and interfering with the operations of law enforcement.