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Meet State Rep. Steve Vetter of District 18

Steve Vetter

When he's not a legislator, state Rep. Steve Vetter is a property appraiser.

Vetter, R-Grand Forks, said he's hoping to introduce a bill related to grandfathered properties that banks won't finance.

Calling the issue an "unknown problem" in Grand Forks, Vetter said when a city changes its zoning, houses in an area that don't match the new zoning will become "grandfathered in."

"Normally when somebody hears grandfather they think 'Hey, I'm protected,' " Vetter said. "That's not necessarily true. With Grand Forks ordinances, and most ordinances in the state, what happens is if your house is over 50 percent destroyed you cannot rebuild."

If a home can't be re-built, a bank might refuse to finance it out of fear a homeowner might refuse to pay back a mortgage, in the event of a disaster.

Vetter is also supporting and helping introduce bills that would encourage veterans to stay in North Dakota.

He is the primary sponsor for a bill aiming to reduce income taxes for veterans. This would apply to benefits retired military personnel receive and those received by a veteran's surviving spouse.

Vetter said he will also support a bill from Sen. Scott Meyer, R-Grand Forks, to ensure the spouses of service members can transfer occupational licenses from other states to North Dakota.

"We're trying to fill all these jobs, and one of the ways to fill a lot of them is with veterans," Vetter said.

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