Lifelong Grand Forks resident Mary Adams said she has never introduced a bill in her life, nor has she ever served as an elected official.

Adams, a Democratic real estate agent who won her District 43 state House election with the highest number of votes in November, will serve on the Political Subdivisions and Industry, Business and Labor committees.

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"Oh my God, who believed I could get to the state Legislature?" she said. "To do that and to try and improve someone's life ... I think my dad would be so proud."

She cultivated her following over lefse dinners at church and knocking on doors, she said, and she plans to keep in touch with constituents through regular meetings at her church.

Adams said she generally is not in favor of tax cuts that only benefit some people and not everyone.

Adams said she supports efforts to increase the tobacco tax and she's researching state rules regarding e-cigarettes.

"My problem is we don't know what's in those. And then they flavor them and sell them to kids!"

And Adams said she is interested in issues relating to child support.

"If I can get every dad to pay the child support due to every mom in North Dakota, that to me would be the biggest accomplishment ever," she said. "I do believe every guy who fathers a baby has to pay support for that child."