The Grand Forks County Commission approved its 2020 preliminary budget on Tuesday, July 16. The budget will be included on an estimated tax bill that will be sent to property owners by Aug. 31. There will be a public hearing on Sept. 17 for further discussion of the budget, which is expected to increase by 2.3% compared to the 2019 budget.

"Overall it's an increase, but it's not like each department asked for more, but pay increases cost more for departments and health insurance is a big thing," said Debbie Nelson, Director of Finance and Tax for Grand Forks County.


The County Commission also passed a "Traffic Safety Hazard/Mud on Roadway Policy" resolution, introduced by Nick West, a highway engineer. The policy codifies at the county level, and is compliant with, a statute in the North Dakota Century Code that regulates roadway hazards, such as excessive mud on the road. The policy is directed toward residents, owners, farmers or contractors stating they are responsible for removing excessive mud and other road hazards and using appropriate warning signs such as "Mud on Roadway" signs, for activities in which they are engaged. Failure to remove the hazard could result in the county highway department cleaning the road and the cost of the cleaning or replacement gravel being billed to the responsible party.