Glad you asked: Why were some people not allowed to visit nursing home residents while others were allowed to have celebrations?

A Herald reader wondered why he was unable to visit his spouse at Luther Memorial Homes in Mayville while members of the American Legion were allowed to throw a party for one of their members. The Herald asked staff at the facility to explain the reason for that difference.

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Q: I saw coverage recently of an event at the Mayville nursing home to honor a resident's military service . I have no issue with the veteran or that he is being honored, but as I understand it, some people aren't even allowed to see their spouse in the Mayville nursing home. How could the nursing home allow an event, but not allow some residents to visit their spouse?

According to Brett Ulrich, the administrator at Luther Memorial Homes, Walter Rindy, the World War II veteran who was feted for his 75 years in the American Legion earlier this month, lives in an assisted living wing of Luther's building.

When Rindy was honored by other Legion members, North Dakota COVID-19 rules allowed visitors in assisted living facilities, which are intended for people who are relatively independent.

However, the state did not allow visits at nursing homes, which are designed for people who need regular care, and the bulk of Luther is classified as a nursing home. Those nursing home rules have since been relaxed.

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