Glad You Asked: Who's in charge of replacing lights at Grand Forks' Kraft Field?

A dozen or more lights have been dark during Whiskey Jacks games.

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Q: At Whiskey Jacks games, it's obvious a number of overhead lights are not working at Kraft Field as many as a dozen or more. Whose responsibility is that? The team's or the city's? And if it falls to the city, can this be fixed soon, or is there an upkeep schedule that is maintained at Kraft Field?

The Whiskey Jacks, a team playing in the summer collegiate Expedition League, have so far played a half-dozen games at Kraft Field in Grand Forks, their home for the summer of 2021.

According to George Hellyer, executive director of the Grand Forks Parks District, the Whiskey Jacks are leasing field space from the district, which is a separate taxing entity from the city of Grand Forks.

"It is the Park District’s responsibility to make repairs and maintain the lights at Kraft Field. The Park District is aware that there are multiple lights that are currently out," Hellyer told the Herald. "Unfortunately, there was a storm late last fall that knocked out various fuse boxes, lights, severed an electrical line and twisted light poles. In addition, due to the age of the lighting system, several lights need to be replaced on an annual basis. We have had our contractor working on the various repairs to the lighting system for the last month trying to get ready for our summer season."

Hellyer also said there are other challenges that exist, including "having to climb the poles to repair the lights and physical location of the poles, which require moving of the repair truck often while being careful not to damage the field at the same time."


However, he said the goal is to have the repairs done "as soon as possible so we have a well-maintained facility for all of our user groups, including the Whiskey Jacks."

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