ST. HILAIRE, Minn. — About half of a 400-acre unharvested Pennington County wheat field was burned in a fire Friday, Aug. 23, after a bird of prey had an unfortunate run-in with an electric line.

According to the Thief River Falls Fire Department, the fire was first reported at about 7 p.m. Officials said the fire was caused by a hawk that had fallen to the ground after being electrocuted when it landed on a high-line wire.

The fire department said no structures were damaged in the area and that no people were hurt in the fire.

The assistant fire chief of the St. Hilaire Volunteer Fire Department said crews were on scene for about two hours containing and extinguishing the fire. Firefighters spent another 30 minutes on scene while crews from Red Lake Electric Cooperative performed repairs.

St. Hilaire is about 8 miles south of Thief River Falls.