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WATCH: Crews fight grain dryer fire in Reynolds ND

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Fire crews fight flames inside a grain dryer in Reynold ND.2 / 2

REYNOLDS N.D. -- Crews responded to a fire in a grain dryer Thursday, Nov. 8.

They were called out to 2nd Ave NE in Reynolds around 8 p.m, that's about 20 miles south of Grand Forks.

Authorities on scene said farmworkers were filling one of the bins when they noticed the dryer was on fire.

They called 911, but by the time firefighters got there, the dryer was fully engulfed.

Even so, it took crews only about five minutes to knock down the flames.

The two large storage bins that sit on each side of the dryer were not damaged.

When asked about the extent of the damage to the dryer, the Reynolds Fire Chief said it didn't look good.