Fargo woman sews memory quilts for grieving grandchildren, then they were stolen

A Fargo woman is heartbroken after learning the quilts she sewed for a Minnesota woman may have been stolen.

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Fargo resident Ashley Dedin crafted five quilts for a grieving family using the shirts of a lost loved one. The quilts were finished, but it appears that the quilts may have been stolen.

FARGO โ€” Dick Luedke was a grandfather and teacher who loved to hunt, fish, snowmobile and ski. After he died, his family took his shirts and sent them to Fargo's Ashley Dedin to be made into quilts for his five grandchildren.

Dedin is used to making memories for families. She has used her sewing and artistic skills to make ties from clothing of those who have died as a way for families to wear a memory. Dedin knew making the quilts for Luedke's family was a special project to take on.

"There was something about the story. Five quilts for five grandchildren," Dedin said. "She described that he was such an outdoorsman and had a lot of fun shirts that described who he was."

Dedin quickly went to work making the five tie quilts. By Dec. 11, the quilts were on their way to their new homes.

A Fargo woman sewed memory quilts for grieving grandchildren, but they were never delivered


"They each highlighted a different part of his personality and made a connection to that particular grandchild," Dedin said.

While everything looked good at first, there came to be a problem with the delivery.

"I was tracking them myself and saw they were delivered and was so excited to get her feedback," Dedin said.

The reply she received said it appeared that the quilts had been stolen after delivery. Law enforcement in St. Paul is investigating the theft.

"I saw this email from her, and my heart just sank. I didn't sleep very well last night," Dedin said.

The Luedke family is devastated about the loss of the future heirlooms.

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