JAMESTOWN, N.D. — The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction will be ready to certify a different path to graduation by the beginning of next year, according to Kirsten Baesler, state superintendent of public instruction.

Baesler attended the Jamestown Public School Board meeting Monday, Aug. 16, to give an update on the process of creating course content standards.

She said the state Legislature provided trust and opportunity for local school districts when it passed a bill that provides the state the flexibility to recognize a certified learning continuum as a personalized pathway for students to graduate high school.

All school districts will be provided the opportunity to adopt a learning policy that awards students the credits necessary to graduate from high school through demonstrated mastery of learning continuum competencies.

“We have all realized that competency-based education, personalized education, that students move through their learning through different paces and rates,” Baesler said.