Results of a parent survey by the Grand Forks school district shows that 132 elementary school students, who have been learning remotely, plan to return to face-to-face, in-person learning when the next trimester begins Nov. 23.

A total of 584 elementary school students have been in distance learning since the beginning of the school year, said Jody Thompson, associate superintendent of elementary education.

One of the goals is to return the distance-learning students, who wish to resume in-person learning, to their home schools, he said.

In the next few weeks, Thompson will be working with the school principals to determine classroom placements, he said.

Other goals are to limit the disruption of current staffing at both the face-to-face and distance-learning levels, and to provide for a smooth transition.

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The parent survey was sent Oct. 12; responses were due Oct. 16.

Results of another survey, which asks parents of face-to-face learners in grades kindergarten through 5 if they wish to continue in that mode, are not yet known, Thompson said. Responses were due Friday, Oct. 23.

Thompson plans to update the Grand Forks School Board on this matter at its next meeting, Monday, Oct. 26, he said.

Across the Grand Forks school district, about 1,300 students, in all grades, opted for remote learning at the start of the school year. About 6,100 chose in-person, face-to-face learning in the classroom.

If parents wish to make a change in learning mode, they have been asked by the district to do so only once, before the next trimester or semester, and commit to that learning mode for the remainder of the school year.