Incoming UND President Andrew Armacost will be paid on a part-time basis beginning next week.

As the transition takes place, Armacost will be paid a monthly salary of $6,500. The arrangement does not include benefits, and Armacost would be eligible to receive travel expense reimbursement, per North Dakota State Board of Higher Education policy.

“Armacost will assume part-time duties as a UND employee on Jan. 20 to support the transition plan between Armacost and interim UND President Joshua Wynne, continuing until he officially begins as UND president on June 1,” UND spokesman David Dodds said, responding to a Herald inquiry about Armacost's compensation.

Throughout the spring semester, as part of his duties, Armacost plans to take part in a number of UND alumni engagements and at least one campus visit per month, including a late February visit the week of UND’s 137th Founders Day celebration, Dodds said.

Billie Jo Lorius, communications director for the North Dakota University System, said it's a unique situation. Lorius said there is no recorded instance of a president working part-time during transitioning to full-time status, but she noted that “transitions occur in different lengths and capacities depending on timing and situation between the campus and the individuals involved.”

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“It is customary to have some sort of transition between leadership, but every situation is unique,” Lorius said.

Money for the agreement, which will total about $30,000, will come from UND’s budget. The agreement is expected to be approved by the State Board of Higher Education at its next meeting on Jan. 28.

Beginning June 1, Armacost’s annual salary will be $369,800.

UND is not paying a president’s salary to Wynne, who took the interim president’s role in June sans extra pay. Wynne is still earning his annual salary of $695,000 as dean of the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences and vice president of health affairs. When UND last had an interim president, the university paid Ed Schafer $33,000 per month. Schafer served from January until June 2016.

In addition to UND ventures, Armacost is scheduled to make other public appearances before he officially takes over leadership of the university in late spring. Armacost will headline this year’s Grand Forks Region Economic Development meeting on March 26.

The theme of the annual meeting is "breaking new ground," according to an EDC press release.

“UND is literally breaking ground in several ways, including buildings, streets and other infrastructure for the betterment of the university and future of our region. Additionally, groundbreaking town-gown partnerships in commercialization and research will take us to new levels,” said EDC President and CEO Keith Lund. “For those reasons, there is no better person to speak to EDC stakeholders at our annual meeting than incoming UND President Armacost. He represents an exciting future for our community and region.”

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