More than 35 percent of recent UND students graduated in four years, a record for the university.

The 2014 class graduated with a 36 percent four-year graduation rate, a number that has continued to climb over the past decade, said Scott Correll, UND registrar.

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In 2008, about 23 percent of students graduated within four years; since then, the numbers have gone up incrementally.

Correll told the Herald those numbers were low compared with other institutions in the region.

"We thought it was important that we help students make timely progress to graduation because it's very important for them to stop borrowing money to attend college and to start earning money to pay back any money they had to borrow to attend college," he said.

The second goal in UND's Strategic Plan was to raise the four-year graduation rate to 34 percent by 2022.

The university recently reduced the number of credits required to graduate from 125 to 120 credit hours, which is in line with other schools. The change allowed some students to graduate a semester early.

"We've made some concerted efforts to help with student success," Correll said in a UND Today article released this week.

Additionally, the university also is offering new "degree mapping software" that allows students to plan their classes for graduation.