Two dozen school leaders, educators and community members met Wednesday for a second time with the aim of defining an education model for Grand Forks Public Schools.

The work by the PreK-12 Education Model Committee is the latest step in forming a long-term master facilities plan for the district. Grand Forks School Board members Shannon Mikula and Chris Douthit chair the committee that seats 35 stakeholders, including teachers, school administration and parents.

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The committee was formed as one of three parts for a task force meant to inform the district’s facilities committee on what stakeholders want to see in the master plan.

The education model committee met to learn about its mission and part in the master plan. The members also broke into groups to come out with classroom and campus essentials.

On Wednesday, the 24 members in attendance for that group broke up again into small groups to rate about 180 essentials in two categories -- impact on curriculum and impact on safe operations. Those ratings then will be processed to get a clearer picture of prioritization for the education model.

Prioritizing the list will help the district form structure in what needs to be a part of the education model, Mikula said. Some of the essentials may impact curriculum more than safe operations, and vice versa, she said.

Douthit said it is OK to make some mistakes and have disagreements within the group, as long as the group moves forward.

“At the end of the day, hopefully we as a group can say we did our charge to move this process forward,” he said.

The committee is scheduled to meet Dec. 19 so the small groups that did not finish prioritizing the essentials can wrap up their work. The committee will meet to review the analyzed data Jan. 16.

The two final committees are set to be formed after education model members finish their work in defining innovative learning. One future group will focus on facility options, while the other will look at the financial feasibility of those plans.