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Grand Forks parents concerned about man allegedly videotaping elementary students

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GRAND FORKS — Grand Forks parents are shaken up after they claim a man was taking video of kindergartners leaving Wilder Elementary School on Monday afternoon, Dec. 10.

As school let out, one mom said she spotted a man taking video of kindergartners. Unsure about what to do, she took to social media.

Police said the first step should be to call them. In this case, the mom told the school.

"We would always want to be advised of something like this going on, especially around schools," said Lt. Jeremy Moe with the Grand Forks Police Department.

Police didn't find out about the activity until Tuesday morning, Dec. 11.

"Sometimes individuals might leave areas, those types of things. So we do want to know and investigate as quickly as possible," Moe said.

WDAY News reached out to the mom on Facebook but she refused an interview. She did say she was extremely concerned.

Neighbors who live across the street from the school said they didn't spot any unusual behavior in the area.

Reporter Kenneth Chase spoke directly with the owners of businesses on the east and west ends of the school, but they weren't aware of the incident either.

"At this point we're still investigating. We don't know what has transpired at this time," Moe said.

Police said a school resource officer is on the case and the investigation is still open as they talk to witnesses.

It's not illegal to take video in public, but police said if it's by a school, it doesn't hurt to notify them of what you're doing.

"We do look to see where they might be doing it, who might be doing it but it is not illegal for them to take photos or video in public places," Moe said.