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UND names interim dean for arts and sciences

UND professor and Associate Dean of Geography Brad Rundquist has been appointed interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences effective Aug. 16, Provost Tom DiLorenzo announced Monday.

Rundquist has previous leadership experience as chair of several units, including the sciences and humanities, and as associate dean.

Rundquist's appointment comes following a shift of duties for former dean Debbie Storrs. Storrs was named senior vice provost at the school in July, a position she's held, in part, for the past year. Storrs was dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for five years previously.

Storrs has shared the senior vice provost role with Hesham El-Rewini, dean of the College of Engineering and Mines. Both had agreed to spend 25 percent of their time managing portfolios in the provost's office with the help of faculty fellows. El-Rewini has chosen to return to his position as a dean full time.