Another dean at UND is looking for work elsewhere.

Debbie Storrs, dean of the UND College of Arts and Sciences, announced Thursday to faculty and staff of the college-the single largest at the university-that she would be interviewing next week for a provost position at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.

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"Like many deans who have been in their role for as long as I have, I am presented with opportunities outside the institution from time to time, and that continues to be the case," Storrs wrote in an email to the college. "I have always been open to new opportunities which is what led me to UND five years ago. In addition to my love of our work in the College of Arts & Sciences, my role in the provost's office for the past year has also given me an affinity for that work, and I seek to continue my growth and development in that area."

In her time at UND, Storrs has overseen last year's consolidation of Arts and Sciences departments under one roof at Columbia Hall, as well as the process of shouldering the largest portion of the university's 2017 budget cuts. She also was at the helm for the late 2016 organization of UND communication programs as an official campus department.

Storrs has served for the past year as a senior vice provost in the office of UND Provost Tom DiLorenzo, a title she shares with Hesham El-Rewini, dean of the UND College of Engineering and Mines. Like Storrs, El-Rewini also is in the running for a provost's job at another university. He's a finalist for the position at Ohio University and visited the Athens, Ohio, campus earlier this month as part of the interview process. El-Rewini has led UND engineering for about a decade.

The university has undergone significant turnover in the past few years and currently is in the process of filling a number of high-level administrative posts. The school should be nearing a hire for its head communications vice president, recently hosted finalists for the dean's position at the UND College of Business and Public Affairs and has yet to start a search to replace outgoing law school Dean Kathryn Rand.

UND hired a new chief operating officer in Jeb Shivers not long ago and, in major campus news for this year, even saw university President Mark Kennedy interview for the top office at the University of Central Florida.

Storrs reiterated in a Thursday evening interview that she enjoys her work at UND, particularly in "high-impact practices" that provide students with real-world learning opportunities. She described interviewing at UTC as a "natural progression" of the work she's been doing in Grand Forks and said she remains committed to her college in the meantime.