Following is Part 3 of a long Q&A with Joshua Wynne, UND's interim president, published in Sunday's print edition of the Herald. Today, the Herald is publishing the Q&A online but in smaller pieces.

Q: When you go out now, what does the community say to you?

WYNNE: I am smiling in response to your question. I am going to answer it even though it may sound self-serving, but I don’t mean it that way. I am trying to answer your question. The most common response I hear are two words, and they are “thank you.”

It’s very gratifying to hear that the community, both on campus and off campus, feels that I was actually the right choice in this situation. Quite frankly, words with the same intent that occurred before I agreed to do it was one of the two or three reasons why I decided to accept the nomination. I actually heard from a lot of people on campus and in the community that urged me to do it.

After discussing it with my wife, initially I was going to say no. I think we have some very good momentum at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. I didn’t want to jeopardize that by any instability in leadership. So I was planning to say no. And over the subsequent week or two, after speaking to many people who really urged me to re-think that, we decided to (say yes). I heard the substantiation of that after I accepted it, where people -- even if they have issues or questions or want me to address something -- have said “thank you.” … It’s obviously very nice. I hope I live up that trust.

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