UND's nickname vote proceeded Monday with some hiccups in the process.

The UND Alumni Association and Foundation's office fielded about 100 calls Monday from people who weren't able to vote, wanted to vote but weren't qualified or just needed direction, spokesman Milo Smith said.

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But with about 82,000 potential voters, both Smith and UND spokesman Peter Johnson said the percentage of people experiencing problems was comparatively small.

"I'm frankly surprised it has gone as well as it has if you think about the number of emails involved and the level of really trying to make sure the vote is legitimate, making sure there is no opportunity for fraud and making sure as many people have a chance to take part as possible," Smith said.

But Sara Haselbauer was angry Monday afternoon because despite being an alumni and donor at UND, she said she hadn't received an email with a link to vote on the school's future athletic nickname.

She said after checking her spam folders and even her old student email account, she was told by UND tech support on the phone that "the university would decide who could vote."

"It's like, no, the company you hired to facilitate this had some technical glitch and didn't send the emails," Haselbauer said.

Not everyone has had problems.

UND Accounting Specialist Kevin Kuntz and alumnus and donor Paul Shepard said in emails they voted without any issues and Leann Weber Mellum posted to Facebook Monday that the Alumni Associate had gone "above and beyond" to email her a new voting link when hers didn't show up.

Johnson said his office also had fielded calls all day Monday and those having problems voting should call (701) 777-2731.

Voters also can check their email spam or junk folders, as a filter could have unintentionally sent the voting email there.

"The most common problem is people not finding their emails," Johnson said. "They've had to search to find it or it went into a spam filter or those kinds of things.

Last week Johnson said there were about 82,000 individual emails on file to vote but Qualtrics, the company conducting the survey, was still in the process of eliminating duplicates, making it hard to provide an exact number.

Smith said he had heard of people with two separate email addresses in the system getting two links with which to vote.

"We know it happens but there really wasn't much that could be done and in some ways it's just kind of one of those unfortunate things," he said. "We're kind of asking people to be on the honor system."

Johnson said many of those duplicates were caught on the front side of the vote and Qualtrics would be catching the remainder at the end.

"It has worked," he said of the process so far.

Those who can vote are UND students, faculty and staff, retirees and alumni who attended the school for any length of time. Donors - those who have ever given any monetary amount - and season ticketholders also are eligible. Stakeholders had until Oct. 1 to verify or submit a current email address with the appropriate entities.

Johnson said the university did everything it could to communicate with potential voters by sending out emails and postcards, publishing a notice in the Alumni Review magazine and getting information out to the media. Smith said some people have called wanting to vote, acknowledging they were late in updating their contact information.

"I understand we had people who wanted to vote but didn't register ... I'm sure they're not happy, but I think ourselves and the university did as well as we could to try and help people," Smith said.

Smith acknowledged that while there were people who didn't receive emails but should have for unknown reasons whether it be their own spam filter or a glitch in the system, he thinks the vote is going well.

"Most people got their email and a lot of people have voted already I'm guessing," he said. "I think the vast majority of people think it's gone well."

But Haselbauer said she's frustrated to the point of not donating to her alma mater any more because she can't vote.

"It's ridiculous," she said.

If any nickname option receives more than 50 percent of votes, it will be UND's new athletic nickname. If no name receives more than that percentage, a runoff vote will be held between the two with the most support.