Dakota Natural Gas natural gas pipeline project in Traill County, N.D., continues to move forward

Nearly all of the pipeline on the North Dakota side of the Dakota Gas pipeline project in Traill County has been laid, and work soon will begin on the Minnesota side.

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The water tower in Hillsboro, N.D. (Grand Forks Herald)
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After a three-month winter break, work on the $8.5 million Dakota Natural Gas pipeline project in Traill County, N.D., ramped up again in March.

The project, which unanimously was approved by the North Dakota Public Service Commission in September, will connect to the Viking Gas Transmission line in western Minnesota and deliver natural gas to commercial and residential customers in the Traill County, in cities of Hillsboro and Mayville and to rural customers along the route.

The 63-mile pipeline will be made of steel, except in Hillsboro and Mayville, where it will be high-density plastic.

About 750 commercial and residential customers in Traill County will be able to access the pipeline if they choose to do so.

“Our partnership with Dakota Natural Gas brings opportunities for local citizens, for businesses and for future business growth in all of Traill county, and, especially for Mayville and Hillsboro.” said Jim Murphy, Traill County Economic Development Commission executive director.


The economic development commission and other Traill County organizations have worked for 60 years to bring natural gas to the area, he said.

Making natural gas accessible to customers in rural areas like Traill County is the specialty of Dakota Natural Gas, said Cody Chilson, Dakota Natural Gas operations vice president.

“We found a way to make it happen,” he said.

Last year, Dakota Natural Gas finished a $4 million pipeline project in Drayton, N.D., where customers included American Crystal Sugar Co.

Meanwhile, representatives of Dakota Natural Gas also are studying the possibility of installing natural gas pipelines to the Traill County cities of Portland and Hatton, he said.

Nearly all of the pipeline on the North Dakota side of the Traill County project has been laid, and work soon will begin on the Minnesota side, he said.

Already, the Dakota Natural Gas pipelines commercial customers will include American Crystal Sugar Co., in Hillsboro, Mayville State University and Traill County.

The project is expected to be completed by late July.

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