OKLEE, Minn. — "The first thing that went though my head was that I lost my brother," said Shawn Landrus, referring to when he got the call Monday night.

His brother Cody Landrus had been shot above the right eye with a handgun nearly placed against his head as he went to drive away from his mother's house in Oklee Monday night.

According to the Red Lake County Sheriff's Office, 27-year-old Oliver Berhow laughed as he told Cody Landrus' mom to call 911. Investigators say he drove from Fertile, Minnesota, to pull the trigger.

Berhow accused Cody Landrus of stealing some of his guns. Four days before the shooting, police searched Cody Landrus' home for those guns, but found no evidence he stole them.

"It was just frustrating because I thought it was over when they searched his house and didn't find anything," said Landrus.

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Police say the reason Berhow looks so beat up in his mugshot is because he got beat with a flashlight by one of Cody's friends who confronted him after the shooting. Berhow allegedly fired two shots at the friend's head, but missed.

"You already know your friend had gotten shot by this guy, and you're going to run up on him and restrain him, and make sure he doesn't do any harm to any one else, being he still had the gun in his hand," said Shawn Landrus, who has thanked the friend several times.

Doctors will need to remove Cody's right eye, and a large part of his skull has also been removed. There is still too much swelling around the brain to see how much brain activity there is. Doctors are optimistic Cody will survive, but fear he will be paralyzed on the left side.

"You have no idea what type of person he is going to be, or who he is going to be, when he gets out," Shawn Landrus said.

Cody Landrus' brother hopes by sharing the graphic pictures, it shows that shooting people is not the way to settle disputes.

Berhow is behind bars on an assault charge as police work to build a stronger case with more serious charges, which could include attempted murder.

Berhow will also likely faces charges for allegedly trying to shoot the witness in the face.

A GoFundMe has been setup to help Cody Landrus' family with hospital bills, as well as help his girlfriend and kids.