A Devils Lake man pleaded guilty on Monday, May 10, to breaking into a Grand Forks woman's apartment last November.

Michael Andrew Lankowicz, 18, has been sentenced to seven months with the Grand Forks County Correctional Center for burglary, assault and domestic violence. After serving the first 90 days of his sentence in the jail, he will be permitted to serve the rest of his sentence on electronic home monitoring. He has also been sentenced to two years of supervised probation upon his release.

An additional charge of robbery was dismissed as part of the plea agreement. District Judge Jay Knudson had previously expressed doubt that the allegations of robbery could be proved without a reasonable doubt before a jury, due to the fact that no robbery had occurred and a lack of evidence that robbery had been the intent of the break-in.

According to court documents, Lankowicz and 19-year-old Grand Forks man Floren Crusade Crossdog forced their way into a Grand Forks apartment in November, expecting there would be only one occupant. When a second occupant appeared, Crossdog assaulted him before he and Lankowicz fled the apartment.

Crossdog was sentenced to six months in jail in March for his involvement in the incident.