Twenty-three years after Becky Jo Look went missing from her Halma, Minn., home, cadaver dogs searched several rural farms for her remains. At the time, investigators said they believed they could turn up a body at any time.

That was August 2018. Look's whereabouts have yet to be determined.

But Kittson County's only cold case remains active, said Kittson County Chief Deputy Sheriff Matt Vig. He keeps in touch with Look's family members and the sheriff's office still fields tips from people who believe they remember something about Look's disappearance. Vig recently met with Bemidji-based Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agents to discuss investigators' next steps in the case.

Still, it remains most likely that the Look case will join the list of cold cases that will go on "probably forever," according to Vig. Kittson County Sheriff Mark Wilwant said that without any new leads in more than 10 months, he considers the case cold once again.

"It takes somebody to come forward and tell you exactly what happened or tell you where the body is," Wilwant said. "And when they're that old, the odds of somebody coming forward are pretty slim."

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Look disappeared from Halma in 1995 after supposedly going to be closer to family in Albuquerque, N.M. She never arrived, and was reported missing four months later when friends said they were confused that she never said goodbye.

Investigators believe she never left Kittson County.

The case was re-opened more than a year ago after a family member called the BCA asking if any progress had been made, according to Vig, who had just been thinking about the case the week before he, in turn, got a call from the BCA.

"I came across it in the sheriff's office when I was going through old files," Vig said. "It was just ironic that I had actually just read through the case file. Then about a week later, a BCA agent calls me and says, 'hey, I got a call from a family member regarding the Becky Jo Look case.'"

When Vig and then-Sheriff Steve Porter looked into the case, Porter told the Herald he was "astounded" by holes in the investigation. They reached out to the public on Facebook along with Look's two daughters, hoping somebody would come forward with leads.

One woman told investigators that her now-deceased son told her decades ago that he'd helped dispose of a body on his father's farm. She said she wasn't sure if she could believe him because he was intoxicated at the time, but the tip led investigators to conduct the search of several local farms in August 2018. Though the search didn't yield results, Vig said the investigation is far from over.

"It's just trying to get closure for the families," Wilwant said. "When you talk to them, you can tell it really bothers them, and understandably. They want to know where their sister or loved one is, and what happened to her. Without that, it's kind of hard to deal with."

Anyone with information regarding the case should call the Kittson County Sheriff's Office at (218) 843-3535.