A former Grand Forks County Correctional Center correctional officer was charged Monday, Nov. 25, with delivering a controlled substance, a cell phone and tobacco to an inmate with whom she had a sexual relationship.

Savannah Marie Martin, 32, faces up to 20 years in prison for delivering a controlled substance to an inmate incarcerated in the GFCCC. She also faces charges of having a sexual relationship with the inmate from August to November and giving him a cell phone to communicate with her. Each of those charges carries a maximum five-year sentence and a $10,000 fine. She faces an additional misdemeanor charge of delivering chewing tobacco to the inmate.

Martin was fired from GFCCC due to a non-related incident earlier this month, according to court documents.

On Nov. 13, Grand Forks Sheriff's Office Investigator Nicole Dvorak received a call from a woman reporting that her boyfriend, an inmate at GFCCC, had been seduced by a correctional officer, according to an affidavit for Martin's arrest.

The day before, a shakedown of the inmate's cell had turned up a cell phone, a vape pen, battery packs and super glue used to help hide the other items. The vape pen cartridges contained THC, a psychoactive compound of cannabis. All materials were allegedly delivered to the inmate by Martin.

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In an interview with Dvorak, the inmate admitted to having a sexual relationship for several months with Martin, which started as talking, passing notes and texting via his jail issued texter, according to the affidavit. Eventually, Martin brought him the cell phone to continue talking and exchange pictures with him, the inmate alleged. He also told the investigator that he and Martin had sexual contact in his cell on multiple occasions while she was working.

Martin will be arraigned in the Grand Forks County District Court on Dec. 30.