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Grand Forks police searching for individual in attempted robbery

Grand Forks Police are searching for man potentially involved in a strong-arm robbery on Friday, Jan. 4.

The victim was walking in the 400 block of North Fifth Street around 5 p.m. Friday when an unknown male approached her and tried to take her purse, police stated in a news release.

Police said the victim fought back and prevented the theft.

The man was described as a skinny, white male around 5-foot 10-inches. He is believed to have dirty blonde hair and light colored eyes. Police say he also has a “distinct crooked nose” and was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with black pants.

“There is likely an obvious bite mark on his right hand that the victim was able to place,” the release stated.

The victim stated she has observed this male in the area previously, police said.

If anyone observes a person matching the description they are asked to contact the police department.