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Grand Forks man says he didn't have time to kill baby

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GRAND FORKS — A Grand Forks man accused of killing a baby faced a judge on Monday for the first time.

We’re hearing his story for the first time and he said police have the wrong guy.

“Mason, did you kill Brynley?” WDAY-TV asked as 18-year-old Mason Kamrowski dodged questions as he walked into a packed Grand Forks County courtroom.

For nearly 15 minutes, he sat waiting just three rows behind the mother of 5-month-old Brynley Rymer, who he is accused of killing in May.

Grand Forks County assistant state’s attorney Andrew Eyre said "the baby died of a cranial cerebral cervical trauma."

Kamrowski is not the father of the baby, but engaged to the baby's mother.

Police said Kamrowski was watching the baby alone at his apartment that night so that the people who were supposed to be watching baby Brynley could go shopping. About an hour later he brought the child to the hospital after she stopped breathing.

“This isn't a case they have nailed down,” said Kamrowski’s lawyer Tyler Morrow. “This is the single weakest probable cause statement I have ever seen in a murder case.”

Morrow said the 18-year-old did not have enough time to commit the murder.

“An hour and 47 minutes they are alleging travel time, abuse and no cover up of anything,” Morrow said.

He thinks police are just pinning it on him now because they need someone to blame.

“In four months they decided this baby was with him for an hour and 47 minutes and the baby died so we are charging him with murder.”

Prosecutors said that's because detectives were dotting their i's and crossing their t's.

“This is something that requires significant manhours and police work to get to the bottom of it. Of course, it took several months for the investigation to pan out,” Eyre said.

Both sides also argued over bail — the state wanted none.

The defense argued for low bail, saying Mason Kamrowski needs to get out of jail for his own safety — claiming the 18-year-old is with the general population at the jail.

“If he didn't want to be here today he had the last 4 months to take off and he didn't,” Morrow said.

“He would not have sat around — his family would not have wasted money on him.”

In the end, the judge set bail at $100,000.

WDAY-TV tried to speak with Morrow to ask who he thinks killed Brynley Rymer if Kamrowski didn't but he did not want to discuss the case any further. However, he said Kamrowski is looking forward to proving he is innocent.

If convicted, he faces life in prison without parole.