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Alvarado man accused of forcing woman to have sex

WARREN, Minn.—An Alvarado, Minn., man has been accused of forcing a woman to have sex with him last month.

Justen James Lawrence Ekholm, 27, appeared Tuesday in Marshall County District Court on a third-degree felony count of criminal sexual conduct, a crime that carries a maximum punishment of 15 years in prison.

The accuser told officers Ekholm harassed her June 5 to have sex with him, but she said "no" multiple times while she was at his home, according to court documents. He tried to bribe her to have sex, but she refused, court documents state.

Ekholm continued to beg for sex, saying he would pay to get the woman's nails done if she complied, court documents said. He kept her up until 3 a.m., and he kept touching her despite her efforts to move his hand away from her body, according to court documents.

The defendant eventually forced the woman to have sex without protection, even though the woman continued to say "no" during the incident, according to the accusations.