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Tweet claims 'human trafficking cult' may have made its way to the metro

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METRO—A frightening social media posts making some serious claims has reached thousands in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

A tweet talking about a 'trafficking cult' has been retweeted hundreds of times and replied to several times as well.

Numerous people have responded saying they've been approached, usually in public.

A Fargo Twitter user warns people of a religious group, calling themselves 'God the Mother.'

The user goes on to tell people not to talk to them, saying they're 'a known trafficking cult' that's made its way to the F-M area.

People say they've been approached by the group all around the metro, from Target on 13th to the college campuses of Moorhead and Fargo.

One woman says she was even approached at ALDI while shopping for groceries.

"I wanted to get out of there right away. as soon as she started talking to me I wanted to leave," said Annika Sidhu, Fargo resident.

Annika Sidhu remembers being approached by an older woman about a month ago, the woman began asking her about her beliefs, and 'God the Mother.'

It left Sidhu feeling uneasy.

"Usually people don't just randomly approach you in grocery stores. I was there to get two things and I was ready to leave," said Sidhu.

Is there any truth to the trafficking claims?

The organization most likely behind the encounters is the World Mission Society Church of God; an international church which has been subject to similar rumors in the past.

Local police say they haven't had any complaints about the group, and it has never been linked to trafficking in the U.S.

Trafficking experts say even if the warning might be a false alarm, it's a good reminder.

"If anyone is feeling threatened or sees something, I'd encourage them to contact the North Dakota Human Trafficking Task Force or your local law enforcement," said Emily Schwartz, Director of ND Human Trafficking Task Force.

They say it's also important for bystanders to be aware, on the lookout, and not hesitate to alert authorities when something feels off.

To learn about one anti-trafficking resources, click here