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Drunken ND man sentenced for strangling, beating dog

MINOT, N.D. -- A 53-year-old Minot man will serve about 60 days in jail for strangling and beating his dog this past winter while he was apparently drunk and for being drunk while in control of his vehicle on a different occasion.

The vehicle charge was his third offense in three years.

Wesley John Peltier pleaded guilty on Wednesday, May 9,  in district court to Class A misdemeanor animal abuse and to Class A misdemeanor actual physical control of a motor vehicle.

According to court documents on the animal abuse conviction,  police were called to Peltier's neighborhood after someone called to complain that Peltier kept going outside his house and yelling and then going back inside. After they responded, police observed that Peltier had left his dog outside in the fenced backyard and it was 13 degrees outside. An officer reported watching Peltier holding the dog by its neck and lifting it off the ground by its neck. He appeared to be strangling the dog. The officer also saw Peltier hit the dog and slam the animal onto the ground. Peltier, who appeared to be drunk, was arrested. The dog was taken to the pound.

Judge Gary Lee ordered Peltier to surrender the dog to the Souris Valley Animal Shelter and not to own any animals while he is on probation. Lee reserved restitution for 90 days and may order Peltier to pay for the dog's veterinary expenses.

For the actual physical control charge, the judge sentenced Peltier to serve the 60 days concurrently with the animal abuse jail time. Lee also ordered Peltier to turn in his license plates, to participate in the 24/7 Sobriety Program and to attend a victim impact panel, as well as to pay $2,325 in court costs.