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NDDOT warns of scams targeting motor vehicle, driver’s license customers

BISMARCK -- The North Dakota Department of Transportation is warning residents about potential scams that are taking place targeting motor vehicle and driver’s license customers.

The department said the main thing to know is that the only legitimate website to do business when renewing driver’s licenses or renewing motor vehicle tabs is

There is no “DMV” in North Dakota, the statement, said so doing a web search using DMV may direct residents to websites that are not affiliated with NDDOT’s Motor Vehicle and Driver’s License Divisions.

The department also said the Driver’s License Division only sends out one mail reminder for residents to renew licenses and doesn’t call on the phone about licenses or motor vehicles.

As for traffic violations, the department said no government agency sends out an email notice of a traffic violation, unless you have given them your email and are expecting it, and that all traffic citations must be processed through a court.

If residents are in doubt about a potential scam, contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-472-2600 or 701-328-3404.

For any questions related to Driver’s License or Motor Vehicle, contact the NDDOT at 1-855-637-6237  or contact Driver’s License at 701-328-2600 or Motor Vehicle at 701- 328-2725