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Man allegedly kicks police during Devils Lake bar fight

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DEVILS LAKE, ND (WDAZ-TV) - A violent week in Devils Lake - for the second time in days, a fight broke out at the same bar.

It was on 4th Avenue where police say about five people were fighting. Officers were kicked and a window was broken.

Jodee Lagein: "What more do you have to go through?"

Lagein is the owner of Stichin’ Sisters, a boutique in downtown Devils Lake right next to Thirsty's Bar.

A fight broke out just before 1 a.m. Thursday and police were trying to arrest 22-year-old Troy LaRocque.

Sue Schwab, Devils Lake Police Department: "Attempting to bring the subject into the police car, as I said, he began to kick and strike."

LaRocque allegedly kicked a Devils Lake Police officer in the chest and stomach and a Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy in the shoulder.

Authorities say a police officer was kicked so hard he crashed into Lagein's storefront window.

Lagein: "This is a pretty thick piece of glass and for it to have cracked like that they were apparently shoved pretty hard."

A brawl that she says is going to cost her small business over $1,000 to fix, money she doesn't have.

Lagein: "It's huge. And insurance isn't going to pay for it because our deductible is five times that."

Lagein will find a way to get the window fixed and says bar fights next door are rare, but this is the second one within days.

Mark Kraft, bartender: "This week is unreal. I don't know. It must've been the full moon on Monday night, the hangover, I don't know what's going on. It's never happened like this before."

Earlier this week Brandon Sundeen allegedly pulled a gun on a man outside of the bar after he says he was beat up. Violence that Lagein says there's no exception for.

Lagein: "You are a human being, act like a human being."

Police say the officers did not sustain any serious injuries. Another man was taken into custody early this morning in connection with the brawl outside. LaRocque faces charges of assault on a peace officer, preventing arrest and disorderly conduct.