FARGO — An Uber ride from the airport turned scary for a Fargo woman.

She says her driver was drunk.

The incident happened at about 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 13, when Trisha Lake flew into Hector International Airport and got inside the Uber car.

But this wasn't the typical ride home, so Lake had her phone on her lap, recording the exchange she had with the driver.

In the video, Lake asks to be let out of the car, but the driver kept the car locked and refused to open it until she gave answers to his personal questions.

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She says she knew the driver was drunk when he was driving between two lanes on Interstate 29.

When they pulled over at a gas station, Lake told the driver her husband was coming there to meet her.

She offered some advice for people who could get stuck in the same situation.

"Make sure someone knows where you're at, and in my situation, I'm glad I started videotaping once I started to become really uncomfortable, because if something was to happen to me, they would've had that," Lake said.

Lake called the police and reported the driver to Uber, but she has yet to hear back from both.

She says she'll continue to use Uber even after this experience.