Cando (N.D.) City Council nixes woman's request to allow chickens in town

Six Cando, N.D., City Council members voted against changing the ordinance prohibiting chickens in town, and one member was absent at the Tuesday, May 4, City Council meeting where the issue was discussed.

Lohmann Brown chickens stand outside a barn on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015, in Sheffield, Illinois. Bloomberg photo by Daniel Acker.

CANDO, N.D. – The Cando City Council has denied a request by Shana Lannoye to change the city ordinance prohibiting keeping chickens in her backyard.

Six Cando City Council members voted against changing the ordinance and one member was absent at the Tuesday, May 4, meeting where the issue was discussed, Lannoye said.

Lannoye had asked the City Council to amend the ordinance because she wanted a flock of 10 or fewer chickens so she could teach her children about where food comes from and give them the responsibility of taking care of poultry.

Rollie Bjornstad, Cando mayor, was opposed to changing the ordinance because he believed that backyard chickens would draw rats and coyotes into city neighborhoods. The majority of people who have talked to him about changing the ordinance prohibiting the fowl in town have expressed opposition to it, he said.

However, Lannoye believes those that are against it are a vocal minority, and that more people are in favor of allowing chickens in Cando than are against it. She plans to continue lobbying for the chickens by circulating a petition in favor of the ordinance change. If she gets enough signatures, voters would decide on the issue in the June 2022 general election, Lannoye said.

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