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Name of driver released in Grand Forks County tar truck spill

The name of the truck driver who was was injured when his truck tipped over and spilled its load of hot tar along a Grand Forks County road Wednesday, Sept. 5, has been released.

Bradley Jackson, 21, of Woodlands, Manitoba, was driving a Peterbilt tractor on Sixth Avenue Northeast, also known as Grand Forks County Road 7, pulling a tanker trailer loaded with hot tar, which is a hazardous material. Near Eighth Street Northeast, the vehicle's right side wheels left the roadway. The vehicle then tipped onto its right-hand side and slid into the ditch. The trailer ruptured, spilling the load on the roadway and in the south ditch.

About 6,000 gallons spilled, but the spill was contained in the immediate crash area. Jackson was taken by ambulance to Altru Hospital in Grand Forks with life-threatening injuries.

Sixth Avenue was closed between Seventh Street Northeast and Eighth Street Northeast for more than six hours, and an emergency notification was sent out to inform residents of the closure.

The tractor and trailer sustained significant damage.