NIMROD, Minn. — Some treasure hunters had a find so unusual they just had to show it off Sunday, May 16, at the Nimrod Bar in Nimrod, Minn.

A group was searching the area near Shell City bridge with metal detectors when they found an old mortar covered in rust. It appeared to be very old, but also looked like it could be live, according to a news release from the Wadena County Sheriff's Office.

One of the individuals called the sheriff's office and shared that they were at the Nimrod Bar with the mortar.

The hunters had placed the mortar in their vehicle and brought it to the bar to show others, law enforcement learned. Taking precautions, the sheriff's office made contact with the Crow Wing County Bomb Squad. They are the closest bomb squad as there are just four in Minnesota. They responded to the scene and took possession of the mortar.

At the time of them taking possession of the mortar, it's unknown if the device was still live or not, according to the sheriff's office news release. It is estimated to possibly be from the Korean War era. The mortar is to be disposed of in a safe manner.