GRAND FORKS — Late afternoon on Thursday, April 22, a judge signed a restraining order telling the remaining residents at the condemned Ambassador Motel it was time to leave.

Minutes later, police showed up at the motel along with city workers who cut all the utilities to the building.

Ambassador tenet Angela Kramchuck was caught off guard when the police showed up around dinner time, saying it was time to leave.

"Officers have been really nice not pushing us knowing we have nowhere to go," she said.

About five people remained at the Ambassador nearly two weeks after the city told the 34 residents who were living there that their lives would be in danger if they stayed any longer.

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"We didn't have any issues, everything went well," said Sergeant Brandon Eberhardt of the Grand Forks Police Department, who oversaw the eviction.

"It is the end of an era," said Kenton McGregor.

For years, McGregor has overseen the trust that owns the motel. He said it's sad to see one the city's oldest motels have to close.

"It's time," McGregor said. "Costs are extremely high, and you can't fix up an older motel right now."

He said it would cost at least $100,000, if not more, to bring it up to code.

He refuted claims by tenants that they have not had their April rent money refunded. He said only two more tenants are owed money, and that those checks will be cut in the next day or two.

"Some of them owed rent, especially after COVID, and not being able to evict people," explained McGregor.

Kramchuck and her boyfriend have money for a hotel for the night, but after that they aren't sure where they will sleep.

"We were just worried where are we going to stay, because we didn't think we would have to pack up so fast," said Kramchuck.

McGregor said he believes the plan is to sell the property, and says there is interest.

He also expressed his appreciation with leaders at city hall and the police department, saying they have been great to work with over the past two weeks trying to resolve this difficult situation.