MICHIGAN, N.D. — A postal office worker noticed a bad smell in the office.

"I think the post office is worried about safety for their employees and their customers," said Lauri Rysavy, mayor of Michigan.

So employees closed the post office while they worked to uncover the source of the smell. In the strangely vacant post office, the fire department tested the air quality.

"We checked every place in this building," said Rysavy. "We didn't get any readings other than oxygen."

Despite the normal test results and the mayor's lack of smell when took a whiff on Jan. 6, city officials now suspect a water fountain is to blame.

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"With the water fountain not being ever used it created a smell from the down draft," said Rysavy.

Rysavy this is a lesson that could come in handy at your home.

"If drains dry out, they can create a smell. So if you keep water in the traps, you're fine," said Rysavy.

Mail is still being delivered in town, but others have to drive 6 miles to Petersburg, North Dakota to pick up their mail.

"At least there is some type of mail service but it is really a hardship for the elderly and the businesses here," said Rysavy.

Petersburg is opening from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. while the Michigan Post Office is closed.

"Hopefully the postmaster is acceptable with what we've done to correct the problem and that mail operations will resume soon," said Rysavy.

The mayor said a United States Postal Service Worker will likely travel to evaluate the office before it can reopen.

As of Jan. 7, representatives from the postal service say they're waiting for the results of the air quality test. If air quality test shows the post office is free ordor or contaminants, the post office will resume service as soon as possible.