RED LAKE FALLS, MInn. -- Red Lake Falls has nearly completed its 2019 street and utility improvement project.

The project, which costs about $4 million, began in October. It is being financed with a $3 million loan from the Public Facilities Authority, two small loans and a grant, said Allen Bertilrud, Red Lake Falls mayor.

“We’re doing some much needed water and sewer work in the south end of town,” said Bertilrud, adding it has been at least 25 years since the city of Red Lake Falls has had such a large street and utility project.

Sanitary sewer repairs were completed in early November. The project also included replacement of several sanitary sewer manholes. During the winter, work crews will line the sewers.

Next spring, water and sewer replacement will be completed for some of the homeowners on Red Lake Falls' Hamilton Avenue.

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The 2019 project is part of a five-year capital improvement plan, which also includes resurfacing of city streets, Bertilud said.

“We, hopefully, over the next five to seven years, will do a lot of improvements in the community as far as water and streets,” he said.