More accessible sidewalks on South Washington Street, much needed turn lanes on South Columbia Road and a $7.9 million reconstruction of DeMers Avenue downtown were among the several significant projects the Grand Forks City Council reviewed Monday night.

The city has been awarded a heaping portion of federal and state dollars to revamp its most used and troublesome roads through four upcoming projects Assistant City Engineer Mark Walker discussed with the council at its most recent meeting.

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All four projects are expected to be bid on April 12 by the North Dakota Department of Transportation in Bismarck. Walker said for the projects to move forward, council members will have to officially concur with whatever bids the DOT chooses during a council meeting on April 15.

The projects Walker discussed include the aforementioned reconstruction of DeMers Avenue from Sorlie Bridge to North Sixth Street, a $1.1 million project to repave North Washington Street from Eighth Avenue North to Gateway Drive, a $1 million project to put turn lanes and signals at Gateway Drive and North 55th Street and a $768,000 project to install turn lanes and signals at DeMers Avenue and the South Columbia Road west ramp.

The city faces a roughly $800,000 share of the downtown DeMers Avenue project, which Walker said Monday night the city will pay using its street and infrastructure fund.

Federal dollars will cover roughly $6.7 million of the downtown DeMers Avenue project. The other NDDOT projects Walker mentioned have a significant federal share as well.

The NDDOT expects the city to pay for $92,000 of the North Washington Street project, which Walker said will include a section of the street that goes over the English Coulee Diversion that the Army Corps of Engineers built in 2001. The city will not pay for any of that part because it's outside city limits.

There's no city cost share for the North 55th and Gateway Drive project.

The city is supposed to pay almost $77,000 for the DeMers Avenue and Columbia Road west ramp project.

Unfinished business on South Washington

This summer, the city also plans to finish the second piece of a large mill and overlay it conducted with the NDDOT last summer on South Washington Street from Hammerling Avenue to Eighth Avenue North.

It will cost $666,373 to install sidewalks that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and nearly $67,000 of that will be paid by the city. Sidewalks and curb ramps will be replaced along the same Hammerling Avenue-to-Eighth Avenue North corridor that was repaired last summer.

The entire project was originally supposed to take place several years from now, Walker said, but the city convinced the NDDOT it needed a mill and overlay in 2018 after a rough winter on the roads.

Specially assessed projects

Using a portion of the increase in local sales tax Grand Forks has been collecting since April 2018, the city this summer will conduct various repairs and a mill and overlay on South 17th Street and Willow Drive.

That South 17th Street repair will run from 17th Avenue South to Continental Drive, according to a staff memo City Civil Engineer Principal David Kuharenko shared with the council on Monday.

The project will cost almost $288,000 total, with the city playing 80 percent and the remaining 20 percent specially assessed to surrounding property owners.

The city also will pay 80 percent of a nearly $1.7 million project to repair and improve lighting on

Cherry Street from 11th Avenue South to 17th Avenue South, Kuharenko said.

That project will be executed in three parts-a reconstruction from 17th Avenue South to 14th Avenue South, a mill and overlay from 14th Avenue South to 11th Avenue South and new lighting from 17th Avenue South to 11th Avenue South.

Surrounding property owners will be specially assessed for the remaining 20 percent of the project.