We've all seen the emails-they start out with a friendly "Hello!" and detail how you've been selected for a grand prize or tell you that if you help a prince from Nigeria transfer money into an American bank account you'll be rewarded handsomely.

And then there are the pop-up ads declaring loudly, "You're a winner!" or promising free goods if you only enter your credit card information for a small shipping fee.

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Despite the tempting promises, North Dakotans are the second-least likely to fall for the frauds, with only about 4.65 victims per 10,000 people, according to a CenturyLinkQuote study. The state has the second-lowest incidence of victims in the country behind South Dakota.

But when North Dakotans do take the bait, they're hit hard-the study found victims on average each lost about $5,653. In total, the state lost $2.01 million during 2017 from internet scams alone.

Slightly more Minnesotans were hurt last year, with about 6.49 victims per 10,000 people, according to the study. Each person lost about $5,285 from internet scams and the state lost about $19.13 million all together, the report said.

The study analyzed data compiled from the 2017 report by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which is part of the FBI.

The most common type of internet fraud comes from nonpayment or nondelivery of items ordered online. Email scams caused the largest financial damage, followed by confidence or romance fraud, like catfishing, the study said.