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Mysterious donor gives thousands of dollars to Grand Forks charities

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GRAND FORKS —A mysterious donor has again made an anonymous donation of thousands of dollars to Grand Forks. 

Both the Salvation Army and the Northlands Rescue Mission received a surprise in the mail Monday evening, Jan. 14: generous donations of cash totaling $6,000 addressed from each other. It's the second year in a row that the agencies have received donations this way.

An anonymous donor mailed both organizations thousands of dollars and put the return address as the other agency.

The Salvation Army said that they're amused by the humor of the anonymous donor and grateful for their generosity.

"To be able to give that kind of cash and that kind of support to not only us but other agencies, that's tremendous," said Grand Forks Salvation Army Lieutenant Matthew Beatty. "That's fantastic that someone has such a great story and a great love for this community."